Classroom Corner


Black Day spiders

Monday we welcomed the children back to school on a beautiful November day.  Charlotte and Katelynn started their day playing with the ponies, moved to working at the farm and then set up house as they cared for their babies.  Eva-Lea and Emily-Rose joined in to play with the food and baby dolls too. Emily-Rose also added more detail to her popsicle stick project from last week, while Eva-Lea colored, cut and glued to create her art.  Amber read books with Mrs. Foell and had fun caring for the ponies. Archie and Cate worked on some tricky puzzles, then they both joined Kellan as he was delivering blocks to our block city. We tried to use every block in the block box until somebody (name rhymes with: I’m not ‘Tellin’) started knocking them all down–it was fun!  We talked about the letter N for November and M for Monday (macaroni, Mom, and Molly too). Then we went to the Circle Room where we moved to “Pretty autumn leaves” and greeted one another with Monday moves: bridges, scoots, jumps, waves, gymnast poses, and more! Then we moved to the song ‘The Monkey Dance’–two times; and by request, we played freeze-dance to the song ‘Happy’.  It really was a moving Monday! In the kitchen, the children added some colorful feathers to their brown turkeys– eyes, wings, and a wattle too. In the Pink Room, the children built with the extra-large Duplo blocks and the snapping blocks—-Archie made a robot and a microphone! The children played with animals and dolls at the ‘playground’, explored the nesting animals, built with the stacking men and played a game of ‘who am I’ with the stacking men too (each wears a  different work outfit: chef, astronaut, firefighter, etc). The children also worked on more art ideas using dot markers, stickers, and stampers. In the Circle Room, the children designed a train track, built block beds and block buildings, drove trucks, became puppies and kittens, and visited the doctor. Back in the Yellow Room, we said our prayer and enjoyed a snack while reading David Goes to School.  Then we went out back to run and play on this lovely day!  Thanks to Archie for suggesting that we count ‘scarecrows’ for our One Banana song, Amber for making an ‘11’ for the calendar, Emily-Rose for the goo-goo-ga-ga/sunny and nice weather report, and Emily-Rose for holding the flag (a double Emily-Rose day)!


Tuesday was gray and rainy, but inside the children brought the sunshine!  Cate and Sophie found small cardboard letters to spell their names and glued them onto paper while Quinlan made his own coloring book.  He carefully colored in his first page–a November acorn–it was lovely! Donald worked on a large floor puzzle and created a collage, while Erin set up the sweet street dollhouses.  Katelynn was busy caring for the horses at the barn, then she and Erin organized the food in the kitchen as they cared for baby dolls and puppies. The children spent time sorting the bugs and trying to convince the teachers that the bugs were candy for us to eat (they love to be funny).  We played rounds of tic-tac-toe, drew family and teacher portraits, and created Christmas trees with shapes (triangle, rectangle, star) all on the dry-erase boards. We also played a game of Color-Shape Bingo with Quinlan calling out the cards–it was fun! In the Green Room, we said our prayer and enjoyed a snack while reading Leaves. Then we went to the Circle Room, where Donald, Erin, and Cate set up the cardboard bricks like dominoes across the room–it was fun watching them fall.  Amber dug for treasures in the sand table, and Quinlan and Sophie avoided the zombie–Katelynn (who was also digging in the sand)! When the children left school, it was gray and snowing!   Thanks to Erin for making a ‘12’ for the calendar!


Wednesday we had a blast of winter weather! The children arrived well bundled and quickly warmed up in our sunny Yellow Room sporting their black clothing items.  Joseph and Kellan were imagining with the trucks and blocks, while Donald, Quinlan and Archie created stories with the animals–zebras, gorillas, and pandas (black and white)!  Caden worked on puzzles, cared for the horses and then baked batches of muffins in the washing machine—soapy and wet (and funny)! Cate, Eva-Lea, and Emily-Rose also worked on tricky puzzles while Sophie and Katelynn set up the sweet street dollhouses.  Erin created stories with characters on a ship and pretended the picture magnets were cookies with Donald.. Amber enjoyed sorting the picture magnets into groups on the cookie tray–Quinlan and Emily-Rose helped her. We talked about the letter N for November, W for Wednesday, B for black, and Z for zebra–black and white stripes!  In the Circle Room we moved to our Wiggle Song and greeted one another by showing our black clothes—shoes, socks, pants, shirts, dresses, jackets, hairbows, and hair—black was easy for everyone! The children guessed the black items in my black bag by listening to the clues: crayon, firefighter helmet, winter hat, witch, car, penguin, bat, Mickey Mouse, domino, and spider.  Then we moved to an interactive book We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt--the hunt ended when we ran into a skunk!  The children enjoyed it so much–we acted it out twice!  In the kitchen, the children created an 8-legged black spider in their Color Days book—glue, yarn, wiggly eyes, and counting skills!  In the Pink Room, the children built with the large Duplo blocks, created stories with Mickey Mouse characters, imagined at the Duplo zoo, matched the Oreo cookie shapes, worked on puzzles, separated and nested the snowmen (to reveal a penguin inside) and created art.  In the Circle Room, the children built with the wooden blocks and the cardboard bricks, created art using the sand table lid as their art table, played in the sand, drove trucks, cared for babies and pretended to be kittens and puppies. Back in the Yellow Room, we said our prayer and enjoyed an Oreo cookie for our snack while reading Walter’s Wonderful Web (Walter’s web is made of many shapes).  We ended the day looking at Quinlan’s stars and planets projector telescope—very cool!  Thanks to Donald for suggesting that we count ‘muffins, blueberries, strawberries and cucumbers’ for our One Banana song (that was a lot to say), Erin for making a ‘13’ for the calendar, Sophie for the goo-goo-ga-ga weather report (the children love that) and Caden for holding the flag!


Thursday the children were busy from start to finish!  Amber worked on her journal–she made a sweet picture of herself and her baby brother.  Archie and Erin had fun imagining with the jungle animals while Cate designed fashions, created in her journal and worked on other art ideas. Cate also pieced together the large Spiderman floor puzzle–it is a challenging one!  Emily-Rose and Eva-Lea created fashions with the fabrics, worked on art ideas and set up the dollhouses with Katelynn. Quinlan and Sophie spent time reading through our collection of Who Would Win books: T-Rex vs Velociraptor, Great White vs Killer Whale, and Hammerhead vs Bull Shark. They also looked through an alphabet book featuring a Lego creation for each letter and wondered what they could make.  Together they designed a car and a ramp to roll it down! The children worked with magnets, built marble mazes, and enjoyed much conversation. They also became bakers today as we baked up batches of pumpkin-chocolate chip muffins.  In the first group, Quinlan added the mix, Amber and Eva-Lea each cracked an egg, Archie measured the oil and Sophie measured the water. Everyone added chocolate chips (and tasted a few too) and stirred the batter. While the first batch baked, our second group of bakers went to work.  Katelynn added the mix, Cate and Erin cracked the eggs, and Emily-Rose measured the oil. The girls helped to pour in the water and the chocolate chips (also tasting a few) and stirred the batter. Then we popped the muffins into the oven. In the Green Room, we said our prayer and the children could choose a muffin, saltines, or pretzels for their snack.  While the children ate, we read The Very Busy Spider.  We finished our day running and playing tag in the bright sun–it was a great day!


Friday the children happily entered the Yellow Room and found much to do.  Katelynn and Charlotte were sharing the little pet shop animals and then set up the food for a store/house.  Caden was preparing food, creating fashions with fabrics, imagined at the sweet street houses with Emily-Rose, and then was building with the little Legos.  Archie and Cate were also playing at the sweet street houses with Emily-Rose and Eva-Lea. Kellan drove trucks and was building great structures with blocks.  Erin, Cate, and Amber were building with the blocks following a diagram. They found the right colors, shapes, and number of blocks to match the picture! Quinlan and Sophie read Quinlan’s ‘Elephant and Piggie’ book and worked on their art while Joseph investigated the magnetic letters and the pin-art, and drove the trucks. We talked about the letter N for November, F for Friday, and L for library—Miss Elizabeth was coming today!  In the Pink Room, the children created with the stacking rings and the builder and bender blocks, imagined with the Sesame Street characters, sorted and nested the snowmen, built with the large Duplo blocks, worked on puzzles, and created art. When Miss Elizabeth arrived, we all went to the Circle Room for a wonderful story time featuring animals. Miss Elizabeth brought puppets and fun songs for us to sing too. We are so grateful to Miss Elizabeth for spending time with us!  Back in the Yellow Room, we said our prayer and enjoyed a snack while reading In the Middle of Fall.  After we bundled up, we went out back to run, chase, roll hoops, and ‘trick or treat’ on a beautiful autumn day! Thanks to Erin for suggesting that we count ‘cucumbers’ for our One Banana song, Sophie for making a ‘15’ for the calendar, Caden for the sunny-chilly weather report, and  Amber for holding the flag!

Songs and Poems:  Pretty autumn leaves, Open-shut them, Who has come to school today, One Banana, Days of the week, Black starts with B, Zebra starts with Z, Wiggle song, 5 fat turkeys, Library starts with L


FYI: Wednesday—Rainbow Day—any (or all) colors

       Friday–Easel painting