Classroom Corner

IMG_3919 (2)
A nearly 6 foot tower–notice the alternating placement of blocks—fantastic!


Monday the children were excited to tell us about their weekend activities including holiday parties, decorated trees and mountain trips.  Ryan hopped his way all the way down the hall to the Yellow Room then he and Connor played at the washing machine.  Connor said he was giving the train and frog a peanut butter bath—fascinating!  Blakeslee and Mark were doctors—Mark was also looking for Big Foot—so elusive!  Finley G enjoyed filling a suitcase with animals from the ark, stuffed animals and whatever else he could fit in there while Reed imagined with the penguin, shark and other sea creatures.  Zachary sorted and lined up the picture magnets (that’s math)!  Elvin noticed the number 6 on the Percy train and also explored Santa’s house and characters.  Hailey liked playing at Santa’s house too.  Our art table was filled as Emily, Finley B, Isabel, Madelyn, Mandy, Remi, and Tommy created so many things.  Molly and Lainey worked on Christmas puzzles and chose books to read.  Joey pretended to be Darth Vader as he monitored the hall—so imaginative!  We talked about the letter M for Monday, D for December and C for Christmas (and Connor and Cranky).  The children are getting very excited for Christmas!  In the Circle Room, we sang a song to the tune of ‘We wish you a Merry Christmas’ where we clapped, jumped and twirled.  Then we greeted each other as the children showed their Monday moves—knee-rolling, twirls, stretches, head nods, waves and more.  We used paper gingerbread puppets to help us act out the story as we read The Gingerbread Man.  The children made those cookies ‘run, run as fast as they could’ until that clever fox tricked the Gingerbread Man—not a happy ending for the cookie!  In the kitchen, the children painted beautiful holly leaves on the easel using a stencil—so festive!  In the Pink Room, the children cooked at the table-top kitchen, baked up some gingerbread boy/girl cookies, imagined with the Blues Clues characters, drove trucks, built with the bunny links, nested the Snowmen and Santas and created art.  In the Circle Room, the children set up the trains, prepared food, played in the sand, read stories, and became ghostbusters and carpenters.  Back in the Yellow Room, we said our prayer and enjoyed a snack—a gingerbread man cookie (and yes, the children ate those cookies just like the fox), while reading Ten Gingerbread Men.  We ended the day with a poem about 5 gingerbread men on a tray.  Thanks to Isabel for suggesting that we count ‘Poppy’ for the One Banana song, Joey for making a ‘4’ for the calendar, Zachary for the sunny-cool weather report and Elvin for holding the flag.


Tuesday, Emily hopped on one foot right into the Yellow Room—not easy to do!  Mandy was having fun hopping around the room on one foot too—the children can do so many things!   Elvin was excited to tell us about his new coal hopper.  Then using the Thomas train track he told us about north and south, and east and west—fantastic!  Isabel headed for the art table to continue a picture she started on Monday—she really takes her time and is so thoughtful as she creates.  Reed found the snake and measured it next to our growth chart—it’s over 2 feet long!  Then Reed had fun sorting through our collection of animals—he found antelopes, tigers, gorillas, hippos and more.  Finley, Mandy, and Emily played a game of teddy bear bingo before becoming moms and babies (and baby bats).  Hailey and Mark imagined at the Santa house and workshop—they played so nicely together.  The children turned the chairs into an airplane as they planned a flight to California—Mandy packed the suitcase which may have gone over the airline weight limits—it was heavy!  The children spent time cutting out their painted holly leaves and added glue and red glitter to create berries—they are so sparkly and lovely!  Then we went to the Circle Room to play ghostbusters, fairies, and dancers.  Isabel used the lid of the sand table as a work station where she continued her artwork.  The children drove buses and fire trucks and had fun in the sand.  In the kitchen, we said our prayer and enjoyed a snack while reading Ten Little Christmas Angels.  Then we went out front to run and play on a mild November day!


Wednesday felt more like winter, but the children’s warm sunny smiles warmed the room.  Mandy skipped and Finley G made his way down like a robot—so many ways to travel down the hall!  Here’s a snapshot of the activity: Finley G, Mandy, and Ryan decided to play a game of teddy bear bingo.  Tommy, Zachary, and Mark created stories at the firehouses.  Blakeslee and Hailey shared the Santa house and characters while Remi investigated the owl clock and Finley B played and patterned with the gingerbread boy/girl cookies.  Elvin designed structures and vehicles with the magnetic blocks and Lainey worked on large floor puzzles with Mrs. Burke.  The art table was busy once again as Emily, Isabel, Quinlan, and Reed worked on their ideas.  Mandy and Remi also made their way to the art table and Quinlan joined the group at the firehouses.  The Yellow Room was bustling with activity!  We talked about the letter W for Wednesday and then headed to the Circle Room.  We moved to our variation on ‘We wish you a Merry Christmas’ –clapping, jumping, twirling, and skating then greeted one another as we passed the hello from friend to friend around the room.  The children noticed Santa and the reindeer on the wall and Mandy named all of the reindeer!  We jumped on two feet as we said all 9 reindeer names, then we hopped on one foot and then the other—good exercise and great fun!  Then it was time for our Reader’s Theater production of The Gingerbread Man.  Our characters were: the Gingerbread Man, Old Woman, Old Man, Farmer, Bear, Wolf and Fox.  The children did a fantastic job of bringing the story to life and had a ball running around the room chasing that cookie!  We performed the play twice so that each child who wanted a turn could have one—it was wonderful!  In the kitchen, the children decorated their painted holly leaves with red glitter—so festive and beautiful!  In the Pink Room, the children measured Christmas balls with the balance, dressed the magnetic Santa, worked at the airport and on the farm, built with the colorful cube blocks, and created stories with the little ponies.  In the Circle Room, the children read stories, opened up a store, built a tower that was nearly 6 feet tall, drove trucks, sifted for buried treasure and played with the trains.  Back in the Yellow Room, we said our prayer (remembering our four friends who were absent today) and enjoyed a gingerbread man cookie while reading If You Take a Mouse to the Movies.  We ended the day saying our ‘5 gingerbread men on the tray’ poem and by guessing the animal plates.  Thanks to Remi for suggesting that we count ‘unicorns’ for our One Banana song, Hailey for making a ‘6’ for the calendar, Lainey for the sunny-cool weather report and Remi for holding the flag (a double Remi day)!


Thursday Mandy and Emily started the day playing games of Pizza Party.  Then Emily and Mandy became babies with colds and Finley was their mom trying hard to soothe them.  Reed was comparing our farm goat to the mountain goat information card.  We found out that a mountain goat can climb 1500 feet in 20 minutes—amazing!  Reed also created a game of dinosaurs vs farm animals—the dinosaurs were hard to beat!  Elvin was ‘reading the room’, he walked around the room and read the words and names that he saw—he is a good reader!  Hailey joined with Mark to create stories with the pirate ships and castle.  Finley joined Mark and Hailey and they had a marvelous time sailing across the room and filling the refrigerator with pirates.  They also went on snake hunts; Mark had the idea of being a snake catcher so we hid 10 paper snakes around the room for the children to find.  They found the snakes, re-hid the snakes, and found them again—it was great!  The children also worked on large floor puzzles, built with the magna-shapes, worked on dry-erase boards and shared so much conversation!  We went to the Circle Room where Emily, Finley and Mandy became mail carriers delivering many packages, Isabel worked on puzzles, Hailey read stories, Elvin set up trains, Reed imagined with dinosaurs and Mark built pirate island—so many ideas!  We went to the kitchen to say our prayer and enjoy a snack while reading A Letter to Santa—special delivery to the North Pole!


Friday – No school           Feast of the Immaculate Conception


Songs and Poems:  Christmas starts with C, Let’s all clap our hands at Christmas, Open-shut them, Who has come to school today, One Banana, Days of the Week, 5 gingerbread men


FYI:  Monday—visit with Miss Elizabeth from the Elkins Park Library