Classroom Corner

Beautiful eggs!

Monday Lainey was excited to show us her new sneakers–her other shoes had gotten too muddy from an egg hunt!  We are getting excited for Easter–several of the children noticed the E on the wall and said it was for Easter!  Our sunny Yellow Room was quickly filled with the sounds of active children. Archie joined Lainey and Erin imagining at the Spiderman house while Connor, Quinlan and Joey created their stories with the pirate ships and castle.  Tommy worked on puzzles, then joined Emily-Rose, Sophie, Olivia, and Ronan at the art table. Eva-Lea was dressing the magnetic man and worked at the art table too. Many of the children imagined at the sweet street houses, built with the bristle blocks, tested out the gears, and created stories with ‘Rugrat’ characters.  We talked about the letter A for April, M for Monday and E for Easter! In the Circle Room, we moved to the song ‘Spring’ and greeted one another with super Monday moves—crab walks, tricky balance moves, twirls, scoots, rolls, twists and more. Then the children guessed animals that hatch from eggs. They figured out all of the clues to reveal a snake, frog (Connor reminded us that a tadpole comes first), a dinosaur, turtle, crocodile, penguin, butterfly (but first comes the caterpillar), and bird!  We read Chester’s Colorful Easter Eggs and moved to the ‘Bunny Pokey’ (they love all that hopping around)!  In the Kitchen, the children created their own colorful Easter egg using a real egg and food dye.  The eggs look so beautiful! In the Pink Room, the children laced spools to create necklaces; matched the Dora dominoes; created stories with Care Bears and little ponies; scooped corn and apples for the horses in the stable; investigated the rolling cubes and ramp; put on puppet shows; and created art.  In the Circle Room, the children built magnificent thrones for kings and queens with blocks, became doctors, imagined in the sand, and prepared delicious foods. Back in the Yellow Room, we said our prayer and enjoyed a snack while reading Max’s Chocolate Chicken. We ended the day guessing the animal plates–a favorite activity!  Thanks to Riley (Mrs. Gallagher’s granddaughter) for suggesting that we count ‘president pictures’ for our One Banana song, Ronan for making a ‘15’ for the calendar, Connor for the partly-sunny–cool weather report, and Quinlan for holding the flag!

Dyeing eggs = science
Building thrones

Tuesday the children enjoyed watching and racing wind-up bunnies and wind-up chicks.  Connor set up an egg hunt for a saber-tooth tiger and his friends (several Wooly Mammoths).  Olivia and Erin had fun creating a town with the sweet street dollhouses. Tommy, Lainey, and Erin also enjoyed created with the play-dough—they made many sweet Easter treats!  Olivia and Erin set up a dance studio and along with Tommy and Lainey they pretended to be characters from Rapunzel,mermaids, reindeer, Santa and Mrs. Claus, and superheroes—they had so many great ideas!  Connor told us that Santa is 1749 years old–wow! We went to the kitchen, washed hands and became cookie decorators. The children created the icing color of their choice and then used a paintbrush (just for food) to paint the icing onto their egg-shaped cookies. The cookies looked so great and, after saying our prayer, everybody ate one cookie for snack (the rest they took home)!  While the children snacked, we read Happy Easter (the colorful eggs hatched to reveal colorful chicks!) and then went out back to shoot baskets, play ball, use the air pump, run, chalk and enjoy the sunny, windy day!


Connor’s dinosaur Easter egg hunt
Tommy’s Easter cookies

Wednesday Quinlan was excited to tell us about a trip to the Hershey Lodge–so fun!  Katelynn had visited the zoo and scrambled around the classroom just like a tiger, or lion or maybe a bear–such active imaginations!  As the children arrived, they found much to do. Joey, Quinlan, Christian, and Tommy imagined with the Playmobil characters on the ships and in the castle.  The boys also built with the blocks and drove trucks through their block tunnels. Archie and Ronan used the plastic hangers as part of their superhero game. Archie also spent time talking on the phones and creating stories at the Sweet Street houses, while Ronan hatched a saber-tooth tiger from an egg!   Connor was using the Sweet Street houses to organize a party with bunnies, dinosaurs and another saber-tooth tiger (quite a guest list)! Emily-Rose and Katelynn shared the Lion King characters for their stories. Katelynn also had fun building with the colorful blocks. Erin showed us some of her gymnastics moves then joined Sophie, Lainey, and Eva-Lea playing with the dollhouses.  Molly M worked at the art table and was carefully cutting with scissors while Remi was creating a book, and Olivia was coloring with markers. We talked about the letter A for April, W for Wednesday and E for Easter–and our egg hunt! In the Circle Room, we moved to our Wiggle Song, and greeted one another in Spanish, German, French, Irish, and Korean. Then the children watched a filmstrip (Max’s Chocolate Chicken) projected on the wall.  They were fascinated and intrigued by the projector, and thoroughly enjoyed the story—so much in fact that we watched it two times, with requests for a third! Then we read My Easter Egg Hunt –look high, look low, low under and around!  Afterward, we put on our jackets and went outside for our Easter egg hunt.  The children waited for the sound of the duck whistle and then they were off.  The children did a fabulous job finding five eggs each. After the hunt, we all stayed outside to run and play on this great spring day!   Back inside, and after a good hand-washing, we said our prayer and enjoyed a special snack –an iced brownie–as we read God Bless Our Easter.  We also had time to read Five Stinky Socks –they love that one and to play ‘guess the animal’!  Thanks to Archie for suggesting that we count ‘bunny rabbits’ for our One Banana song, Sophie for making a ‘17’ for the calendar, Tommy for the sunny-warmish weather report and Emily-Rose for holding the flag!  Happy Easter to all!


Balancing bunnies—no easy feat!


Hunting for Easter eggs

Songs and Poems:  Spring, Open-shut them, Who has come, The bunny is coming to my house, the Bunny Pokey, One Banana, Days of the week, I Love You, Wiggle Song



School will reopen on Tuesday, April 23rd

Wednesday–we will celebrate Archie’s birthday

Friday—Story time with Miss Elizabeth