Classroom Corner

All you need is Love!

Monday the children were happy to be back at school and quickly found games to play with friends. Finley B, Mandy and Remi used board books as tablets as they went on their quest for Big Foot.  Joey also decided to head out on the search for Big Foot—quite an elusive fellow.  Finley G, Mark and Tommy took on the roles of police officers and wrote out many tickets.  Lainey and Molly worked on puzzles then shared the jungle animals.  Reed imagined at the western town which was being invaded by dinosaurs. Blakeslee enjoyed creating stories at the western town too—horses and stagecoaches—so much fun!  Zachary was racing the wooden truck collection while Connor answered phones and Ryan selected food for the refrigerator.  Our art tables were busy with Quinlan, Emily, Hailey, Isabel and Madelyn creating with markers, crayons, stampers, stickers and more.  We talked about the letter M for Monday and the letter V for Valentine.  In the Circle Room, we moved to our Ring around the Rosie song, acting like monkeys and vampires and doing our touch-down dances.  We greeted one another as the children showed their Monday moves—belly slides, knee hops, twirls, jumps and some frozen friends too.  The children had energy so we also moved to our ‘If you want a healthy heart’ song—touching toes, running in place and jumping up and down—-our hearts were really pumping!  We ended Circle Time hand in hand singing ‘Won’t you be my Valentine?’  In the Pink Room, the children decorated bags for our Valentine party, cooked at the table-top kitchen, imagined at the farm and with the Weebles characters, built with the Poki blocks and links, tested out the gears and shared the garages.  In the kitchen, the children created splotch art—-the results are amazing!  You can see their art on the wall in the hall!  In the Green Room we read our Let’s Find Out magazine about unlikely animal friends—perfect for Valentine’s Day.   In the Circle Room, the children built with the wooden blocks, drove trucks, prepared food, dug in the sand and ‘fed’ the trains (cupcakes, donuts and pies)!  Back in the Yellow Room, we said our prayer and enjoyed a snack while reading Mandy’s book (pumpkins, fruits, and family) and the story One Heart—A Valentine Counting Book.  Thanks to Isabel for suggesting that we count ‘hearts’ for the One Banana song, Zachary for making a ‘12’ for the calendar, Joey for the cloudy-cool weather report and Lainey for holding the flag.


Tuesday Zachary started his day racing two wooden cars down the hall.  The cars traveled past the green room several times and the blue/white car seemed to win more than the yellow/red.  Reed was sorting through our collection of mini dinosaurs and asked for a piece of blue paper to make a water scene for the dinosaur with flippers.  He also told me about the Cretaceous and Jurassic periods of time in the lives of dinosaurs.  Then Reed added brown and green paper for land and white paper to represent snow/ice (for the Wooly Mammoth).  He was deeply involved in his play—fantastic!  Mark was back on the hunt for Big Foot wearing his doctor lab coat.  Emily worked with the alphabet magnets while Isabel created stories at the playground.  Finley B and Mandy were reading books together; then created their own game involving word cards and letter dice—so imaginative.  Elvin created art with the dot markers—special pictures for his grandmother!  Hailey set up the ‘Sweet street’ dollhouses and was quickly joined by Emily, Isabel, and Mark—such great sharing!  The children also spent time building marble rollercoasters and testing their designs.  We went into the kitchen to bake a batch of brownies for our Valentine party and the children also decorated heart-shaped cookies for their families—beautiful and delicious!  We went to the Green Room to say our prayer and enjoy a snack—donuts for Donut Day!  While the children snacked, we read If You Give a Dog a Donut.  We ended the day running and enjoying the sun out front on the grass.  Thanks to Reed for writing a letter T for Tuesday and Hailey for making a ‘13’ for the calendar!


Wednesday love was in the air and many of the children wore clothes with red or pink or hearts or combinations of those things.  We were excited for Valentine’s Day!  In the Yellow Room, the art table was humming with activity as Elvin, Emily, Hailey, Madelyn, Mark, Quinlan, Remi and Zachary were coloring, creating art for the walls and making Valentines for friends and family.  Remi and Madelyn were also making plans for their trip to Disney World—big plans.  Zachary told me that ‘googol’ is a number and he is right:  it is ‘10 to the 100th power (which is 1 followed by 100 zeros)’—that’s an amazing fact—which I looked up on Google!   Connor fed Thomas the tank engine a healthy breakfast of bacon, eggs and grape juice before joining Ryan and Joey as they played with the magnetic letters and the word cards.   Finley B and Mandy set up their Big Foot tracking station with books and special Lego pieces.  Finley G joined Reed and created a world of dinosaurs complete with grass, water, and snow.  Isabel imagined at the playground and was joined there by Emily—they were giggling in no time.  Lainey was organizing food in the kitchen and caring for babies.  Molly enjoyed looking for hidden items in an I Spy type book and sharing the dogs and houses with Blakeslee.  Molly also took charge of caring for a wide variety of interesting pets:  bat, raccoon, and frog to name a few.  Tommy made 3-D images of his face with the pin-art, then built a tractor with blocks and then discovered that he could build a bowling game using cylinder shaped blocks as pins and a plastic pear as his bowling ball—and it worked!  We talked about the letter W for Wednesday and the letter V for Valentine’s Day.  We also tried switching the letter sounds—the children thought Vednesday and Walentines were very funny sounding words—fun with phonics!  In the Circle Room, we moved to our Wiggle Song and greeted one another as we passed a heart around the room.  The children told us someone or something that they loved as we passed the heart:  mom, dad, sister, brother, pets, bed, blankets and classmates—so sweet!  We moved to a song called ‘There’s a little wheel turning in my heart’—perfect for Valentine’s Day.  Then it was time to pass out the children’s treats.  We heard ‘thank you’ many times—so lovely!  We separated into our small groups and played in the Yellow Room and the Pink Room.  In the Pink Room, the children worked at the airport, scooped ice cream and baked cupcakes, filled Valentine heart candy boxes with candy (cube blocks), dressed the Potato head characters, imagined with Mickey Mouse and friends, built with the magnetic blocks and worked at the art table.  Back in the Yellow Room together, we said our prayer and enjoyed a snack—brownies that we baked yesterday, while reading: There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Rose.  Thanks to Emily for suggesting that we count ‘hearts’ for the One Banana song, Isabel for making a ‘14’ for the calendar, Mandy for the sunny-chilly weather report and Blakeslee for holding the flag!  Happy Valentine’s Day to all!


Thursday our small-class day friends were busy from start to finish.  Reed and Zachary rolled a die down the hall and kept track of the results:  1—10X, 2—3x, 3—9x, 4—5x, 5—6x, 6—9x.  That was a great lesson in recording observations.  Reed and Zachary also flew paper airplanes down the hall with little paper people inside the folds of the plane.  Hailey, Finley B and Mandy made planes too.  The girls also marked the hall from 1 to 10 to see how far their planes flew. Hailey’s flew right into the Green Room!  Emily and Isabel were setting up camping trips for their doll house characters.  They also loaded up cars filled with pet shop animals.  Mandy discovered that the pet shop animals are magnetic and can be attached to the chalkboards and to the CD player—more great observations! Mark was organizing cars into a long line, set up an indoor picnic and decorated a bag which he filled with paper food items.  He was working so hard on his ideas.  Elvin created beautiful pictures with the dot markers; wrote a T for Thursday on our ‘Today is…’ sign, talked about the classmate pictures in the hall and had fun with the marble rollercoaster that Zachary and Reed designed.  The children were so involved in their play ideas – it was wonderful!  We went to the Green Room to say our prayer and enjoy one of the brownies that the children baked on Tuesday while reading Recess Mess.  Then we went outside to run, play ball and enjoy the warmer temperatures!


Songs and Poems: I love you, Ring around the Rosie, Open-shut them, Who has come to school today, If you want a healthy heart, Won’t you be my Valentine, Skinnamarink, One Banana


FYI:  Monday—Presidents’ Day—No School