Classroom Corner

be kind

Monday was a rainy, gloomy day but that did not stop the children from bringing their sunny dispositions to school.  We heard about a birthday celebration at Friendly’s and trips to the aquarium, mall and two fall festivals (one with some spooky stuff).  In the Yellow Room, the children were busy at their work.  Connor and Joey were conversing on the phones—Joey was chatting about dinosaurs and Connor was talking to Mr. Fuzzy!  Elvin enjoyed working with the color paddles and the pin art.  Blakeslee and Hailey were imagining with the dinosaurs while Madelyn, Mandy, Finley B and Remi were reading books together—fabulous!  Isabel, Emily, Molly and Remi worked at the art table too.  Reed was searching the classroom for fish to feed to the shark—he managed to find one (good news for the shark—bad news for the fish).  Mark and Zachary were creating stories at the fire station.  Tommy, Ryan and Lainey spent time piecing together the Halloween and firefighter-themed puzzles.  We talked about the letter “M” for Monday, Madelyn, Mandy, Mark, Molly, mom, macaroni and monsters and the letter “U” for umbrella, unicorn, utensils (tricky word) and underwear (funny word).  In the Circle Room, we moved to our Ring around the Rosie song –we hopped, touched our toes, and blasted off to the moon like rockets.  After greeting one another we sang a song about the weather R-A-I-N-Y.   Then we pulled out our giant umbrella (parachute) and together we made it go high and low, fast and slow, round and round. The boys went under, the girls went under and then all of the children went under—it was great rainy day fun!  In the Pink Room, the children added the finishing touches to their blue day bluebirds—feathers and eyes.  They also cooked at the tabletop kitchen; imagined at the Western town and with the large fire station and fire trucks; built with the ‘popoid’ blocks, Tupper-links and magnetic blocks; and created at the art table.  In the Green Room, we read our Let’s Find Out magazine about firefighters.  We talked about the emergency number 9-1-1 then practiced ‘stay low and go’ over to the Circle Room.  In the Circle Room, we also practiced ‘stop-drop and roll’—good things to know.  Then they cared for babies, drove many trucks, worked with tools, played in the sand and became doctors and photographers.  Back in the Yellow Room, we said our prayer and enjoyed a snack while reading Fire Engine Man.  After packing up, the children listened to the sound of our smoke detector –it is very loud.  They also decided if the scenario I told them was an emergency or not (smoke and flames—yes, can’t find your favorite teddy—no).  We ended the day with our 5 little pumpkin poem and the wind blew at just the perfect time—spooky!  Thanks to Blakeslee for suggesting that we count ‘apples’ for our One Banana song, Ryan for making a ‘9’ for our calendar and Blakeslee for the rainy, warm weather report (a double Blakeslee day)!


Tuesday we welcomed our small day class friends and the sunshine!  Mandy, Emily, Finley B, Hailey, Reed and Mark took turns playing games of Pizza Party.  Not only do the children create yummy pizza slices, but they also follow the rules, take turns and have fun!  The children enjoyed stringing beads onto laces.  Emily and Isabel sang songs about Anna’s hair and Elsa’s hair as they strung beads in just the right hair color match!  Hailey and Finley both made lovely necklaces to wear too.  Elvin worked on the number puzzle, set up the train track, tested out the magnets and investigated with the color paddles.  He also spent time creating with the dot markers.  Mark and Hailey created their own designs using rainbow-colored yarn and glue—fabulous!  The children took on roles of doctors, chefs, parents, and farmers (they had to feed apples and hay to the horses).  Finley and Mandy took their babies on rides up and down the elevator—such imaginations!  Isabel spent time writing the numbers from 10 to 20—super!  The children also worked on cutting out their large painted pumpkin and adding details to make them festive jack-o-lanterns (great fine motor work)!  After a nice time in the Yellow Room, the children put on their helmets and rode the bikes.  Outside they became police officers and bats!  We really enjoyed our time in the sun!  Then we went in to wash hands, say our prayer and enjoy a snack (a tasty cookie from Elvin—thank you Elvin).  While the children snacked, we read Firefighter Piggy Wiggy and then we went out front to run, roll and imagine on the grass!


Wednesday was an extra-special day.  We were celebrating Finley G’s birthday and meeting the firefighters of the Elkins Park Fire Company!  Finley G spent time at the art table decorating his green birthday crown and it looked terrific!  Isabel, Emily, Lainey, Remi, Madelyn and Mandy were creating at the art table too.  Connor invented a bristle block train while Zachary used magnets to move the Thomas trains—like magic!  Molly and Blakeslee cared for the horses—scooping apples and hay.  Quinlan and Elvin worked on puzzles—Remi reminded us to ‘rotate’ the pieces –good advice!  Hailey, Finley B and Madelyn created on the chalkboards—Zachary discovered that the chalkboard is also magnetic!  Joey and Ryan cared for babies—good dads!  Reed sorted through the dinosaurs while Tommy explored with the color paddles and Mark created with the pin-art.  We talked about the letter ‘W’ for Wednesday; then separated into our smaller groups.  In the Pink Room, the children shared the colorful ponies, imagined at the fire station, created dragons, scooped ice cream, sorted shapes and created their own art.  In the kitchen, the children turned their large painted-paper pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns—each one is special and so festive!  At 10:00, we went outside to meet Firefighter Tom and Firefighter Bill from the Elkins Park Fire Company.  They showed the children the pumper truck, tools and their special protective clothing.  They also spoke with the children about fire safety—no playing with matches!  Then the children took turns sitting in the fire truck—so exciting.  The children also each had a chance to help spray the fire hose—that was fantastic!  The firefighters gave the children fire hats, coloring books and special badges before driving away with a honk of the horn, a blast of the siren and the lights flashing on the fire truck—it was wonderful!  We all went out back to run, chase, use hoops, play ball and just enjoy the fresh air.  Back inside, we washed hands, said our prayer and sang Happy Birthday to Finley G (the cha-cha-cha version).  Finley treated the children to delicious donuts—thank you Finley and Happy Birthday!  While the children snacked, we read Dot the Fire Dog.  We ended our day singing our 9-1-1 emergency song!  Thanks to Hailey for suggesting that we count bananas for our One Banana song, Finley G for making the ‘11’ for our calendar and Finley B for the cloudy-warm weather report!


Thursday our small-class day friends really put their imaginations to work.  We spent the whole morning in the Yellow Room. The children were so engaged in their ideas and games we did not want to disturb their creativity.  Emily and Isabel used their credit cards to book a trip to Hawaii and rent a house on the beach.  They made phone calls from the plane and packed all the necessary supplies in their suitcase.  Mandy and Finley also packed everything they needed to take care of their babies:  food, blankets, and extra clothes—they were busy moms!  Hailey and Mark created stories at the Fisher-Price neighborhood house—Elvin dropped by the house for a visit too.  Elvin taught us that the Korean emergency phone number is 1-1-2!  Reed played multiple games of Halloween Memory—we found out that he has a super memory!  Many of the children took turns playing the game as well—it was fun for everyone!  They worked on their art, tested out the magnets and color paddles, created on dry-erase boards, matched letters for the word puzzles, practiced numbers on the chalkboard and served up some tasty pizza.  The children also shared the large dollhouse, furniture and dolls so nicely—it was wonderful!  We took a survey of what everyone ate for breakfast:  toast, cereal, oatmeal, pancakes, waffles, yogurt, cheese, and fruit—so many great breakfast foods!  Before we knew it, it was time to clean up, wash hands and enjoy a snack in the kitchen while reading the story Firefighters.  Thanks to Elvin for making a ‘12’ for the calendar today!


Friday was Green Day and the children arrived in the many and various shades of green!  Here’s a snapshot of the activity in the Yellow Room:  Ryan, Blakeslee and Mark tested out our brand new stethoscopes (they really work).  Mark and Blakeslee wore the doctor lab coats and cared for many sick patients.  Finley, Isabel, Emily, Hailey, Mandy and Remi were all together working in the kitchen and taking care of the babies—quite a busy group.  Elvin told us about his visit to the library and the market then investigated with the color paddles and worked on the trains.  Connor was also playing with the trains and answering some more wrong number phone calls.  Remi and Hailey answered phone calls too, taking messages and writing down important information.  Finley G and Quinlan were creating on the dry-erase boards before Finley G became a robot.  Joey was working on the chalkboard while Zachary was serving up freshly made pizza.  Lainey, Molly and Tommy patiently pieced together puzzles—the puzzles are challenging.  Reed and Madelyn created at the art table—stencils, stickers, stampers—so much to use!  We talked about the letters ‘F’ for Friday and ‘G’ for gate, goose, gift, guitar, grass and green.  We noticed that these were the perfect letters for our friend Finley Gallagher!  In the Circle Room, we learned a song called ‘Hello’, greeted one another and showed our green clothing items:  bows to toes again (socks and shoes)! The children guessed my green items: frog, crocodile, turtle, Oscar the grouch, apple, broccoli, peas, lettuce, tree, leaf and cucumber.  We noticed that many of the green items are things that grow, so we moved to a song called ‘Grow’!  We grew from seeds to trees and babies to children who can run like the wind—it was fun!  In the Pink Room, the children created peas in a pod for their Color Books.  They also took turns rolling balls down ramps, sorted and stacked the colorful cups, matched ABC popsicles, imagined with the animals in the large tree, worked on their own art and created stories at the firehouse.  In the Green Room, the children made their own Green Day journal entry: Ninja turtles, family members, spiders, giant peas, numbers and more!  In the Circle Room, the children worked on a large train track design, drove trucks, worked with tools, cared for babies and read books.  Back in the Yellow Room, we said our prayer and enjoyed a special Green Day snack of green grapes and graham crackers on green napkins.  As the children snacked, we read Hungry Harry—a frog who was not so good at catching bugs!  We ended the day with our poem about the 5 little pumpkins sitting on the gate.  Thanks to Madelyn for suggesting that we count apples for our ‘One Banana’ song, Finley B for making a ‘13’ for the calendar and Remi for the cloudy-cool weather report!


Songs and poems:  Ring around the Rosie, Open-shut them, Who has come to school today, R-A-I-N-Y, In an emergency- call 9-1-1, One Banana, Days of the Week, 5 little pumpkins, Hello, Green starts with “G”


FYI:  Wednesday is Orange Day              Friday—a visit with Miss Elizabeth from the Elkins Park Library