Classroom Corner

My name starts with A and ends with e–can you guess who I might be?

Monday was a beautiful, bright day.  The children said goodbye to their families and made their way to the Yellow Room, some feeling a bit sad on this first day of school; but soon everyone was happily involved in an activity (or two or three).  Amber and Katelynn created stories with animals on Noah’s ark. Charlotte spent time dressing the magnetic man, creating on the chalkboard, caring for babies and working at the art table. Marley was taking good care of the babies too while Erin became ‘Lady Wifi’ using a cell phone.  Archie was busy on the keyboard and cell phone and enjoyed making images of his face with the pin-art. Cate, Emily-Rose, Quinlan, and Sophie were busy at the art table using markers, stickers, shaped hole-punches, paper and scissors. Donald created penguins with the bristle blocks then made his Pop-pop penguin and Mom penguin waddle off to find some fish to eat!  Eva-Lea spent time working on floor puzzles then decided to work on her art ideas. Kellan observed the action and decided that he wanted to work at the art table too. We talked about the letter S for Sophie (and Sophie said Solomon too–her brother), school, and September and we talked about the letter M for Monday, Mom (Quinlan told us that one), Marley, marshmallows and macaroni! After a nice time playing and creating in the Yellow Room, we went to the Circle Room for Circle Time.  We moved to Ring around the Rosie but instead of falling down we clapped our hands; touched our toes; jumped up and down; spun around; and then we all fell down. We moved our hands to ‘Open-shut them’ and greeted one another after singing ‘Who has come to school today’. Then we looked at all the fun activities the Circle Room has to offer–blocks, sand, tools, trucks, cooking and more! We ended our Circle Time by singing a song called ‘Here I am’. We separated into smaller groups–in the Pink Room, the children worked on puzzles, created stories with Mickey Mouse characters and with farm animals at the barn.  The children used blocks to measure in the balance, stacked colorful rings, built with alphabet blocks, and created art. In the Circle Room, the children built tall towers with the colorful cardboard bricks, baked cookies and cupcakes in the sand (and also made soup), worked with tools, drove fire trucks, looked at books and had fun investigating the classroom with binoculars. Back in the Yellow Room, we cleaned up, said our prayer and enjoyed a snack. While the children snacked, we read Five Stinky Socks–it’s a funny one!  It was a marvelous first day of school!


Tuesday our ‘small class’ day friends arrived and quickly found areas of interest.  Donald enjoyed lining up the wooden people, counting them, and knocking them down like dominoes.  Donald also spent time building with the magnetic blocks and building penguins with the bristle blocks.  He had his penguins fishing for dinner and grilling their catch of the day! Cate and Sophie set up the Sweet Street dollhouses while Erin ‘paused’ us using a cell phone as Lady Wifi.  Katelynn created stories with small dogs before becoming a dog herself for the rest of the morning—she scratched, barked, ate from bowls and fully-invested herself in the role. Emily-Rose, Eva-Lea, and Amber were working at the art table using stickers, markers and our favorite–dot markers. Amber noticed that she created purple when the red and the blue dots overlapped–great discovery!  Archie was driving fire trucks and imagining at the castle. Then he decided to become Dad and was cooking in the kitchen. Erin set up an office and was the cousin while Cate took on the role of Mom, and Sophie and Amber were big sisters. Katelynn remained the family dog! Cate and Sophie also spent time working on floor puzzles—it was quite the active morning! After a wonderful time spent in pretend play, we cleaned up and went to the Green Room to say our prayer and enjoy a snack.  As the children ate, we read Which Shoes Would You Choose?  They did a great job figuring out the clues to the proper pair of shoes (or none at all— when you get in your bed at night–bare feet are just right)!  Then we went out back to run and play at the end of our busy day!


Wednesday we welcomed Caden and Joseph to their first day of school (and it was Joseph’s birthday too)!  Caden spent time digging in the sand table, finding buried gold, jewels and shells. Joseph drove trucks in the Sweet Street neighborhood and had fun imagining with dinosaurs, talking on cell phones and working with a keyboard. Archie was pretending to be a character from ‘Spiderman into the Spider- verse’ and typing away on his keyboard.   Erin set up a nice office behind the washer and dryer, worked at the art table and she built a diving board with the bristle blocks. Donald loves building with the bristle blocks and made them into penguins who caught fish, grilled their dinner, and took naps. Amber, Katelynn, Emily-Rose and Eva-Lea worked at the art table using dot markers, shaped hole-punchers, glue, markers and stickers—creativity flowed!  Marley and Sophie were very busy setting up and creating stories with the Sweet Street houses. Cate was cooking and filling bowls with food and creating fashions with fabric swatches; and Kellan had fun imagining with the fire trucks and helicopters. We talked about the letter S (sun, sandwich, snake, spider, September) and W (Wednesday, web, worm, wagon, watermelon). Many of the children said they have ridden in a  wagon and seen a worm. Some have even seen snakes! In the Circle Room, we moved to our Wiggle Song and greeted one another. Then we moved to a song/story called Shake My Sillies Out—it was fun!  We took advantage of the sunny, warm day and went outside to play ball, shoot baskets, ‘cook’ in the outdoor kitchen, chalk, slide, hula-hoop, run, race and chase—we love being outside.  In the Pink Room, the children created stories with ponies and at Sesame Street, built and drove Duplo vehicles, scooped and stacked ice cream, matched pegs to number boards, worked on puzzles, and created at the art table.  Back in the Yellow Room, we cleaned up, said our prayer and enjoyed a snack while reading Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons.  It was a wonderful Wednesday!


Thursday our small-class day friends were very involved in their play ideas.  Many of the children enjoyed working with a new collection of hole-punchers. Quinlan spent most of the morning punching out the shapes:  snowflake, heart, star, flower, and leaf–then decorating the shapes with ink stampers. Sophie, Erin, Amber, and Cate tested out the hole-punchers too.  Emily-Rose and Eva-Lea created art using dot markers and stickers. The children worked together to set up the large dollhouses–they shared the furniture,cars, pets, and dolls so nicely!  Archie pretended to be a teacher and was writing on the chalkboard while Cate baked delicious alphabet cookies to share. Erin was ‘pausing’ us with her phone, while Donald would ‘mute’ us with his–what great vocabulary words!  Archie, Erin, Katelynn, and Amber also took on the roles of Santa and his reindeer–never too early for Christmas! After a very imaginative time in the Yellow Room, we went to the Circle Room and the kitchen. In the kitchen, the children worked their hand muscles as they created with playdough.  They made cookies, cakes, pizzas, sculptures and enjoyed molding, kneading, cutting, rolling, and pounding the dough. In the Circle Room, the children used the cardboard bricks to make tall towers and swimming pools. They worked with tools, built castles with the wooden blocks, cooked food, became doctors and found treasures in the sand table.  All morning we enjoyed conversation and laughter–it was great! After cleaning up, we went to the Green Room to say our prayer and enjoy a snack while reading This Book Just Ate My Dog.  We ended the day running and rolling on the grass out front of school.  Thanks to Donald for making a ‘12’ for the calendar!


Friday the children found much to do in the Yellow Room.  Amber, Archie, Katelynn and Marley were sharing the little pet shop animals and creating stories together.  Marley also joined Erin at the kitchen and they prepared all kinds of tasty foods (and set up a picnic). Caden was investigating the tools of a doctor—stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, thermometers and ‘shots’ (as the children like to call them).  Cate made funny scenes with the window puzzle and spent time creating on the chalkboard. Donald was counting the numbered cars in the magnetic car puzzle and making images with the pin-art. Joseph liked the pin-art too and was driving fire trucks. Kellan found a few trucks that he liked and also worked on art with stickers.  Quinlan and Eva-Lea were working on their art ideas too—Quinlan loves the shaped hole-punchers and Eva-Lea was creating with the dot markers–so many wonderful colors! Emily-Rose was having fun setting up the Sweet Street dollhouses, choosing just the right pieces and characters. We talked about the letter S for September, F for Friday (fork, fan, fire, and fish) and J for our friend Joseph–we were celebrating Joseph’s birthday today!  In the Circle Room, we sang our ‘Hello’ song which included clapping our hands, stomping our feet and jumping all around. We greeted one another and then the children shared their thoughts on what we do at school—play, build, sit in a circle, play outside, have a snack, art—we are busy! Then we read our Let’s Find Out magazine: Let’s Start School—as the children followed along with the pictures, we noticed the children in the magazine doing things just like we do at school–so amazing!  We ended our Circle Time singing ‘If you’re happy and you know it’. We think school should make us feel happy! In the Pink Room, the children imagined with the Lion King characters and Dalmatians, built with bear-shaped bristle blocks and at the Duplo table, worked on puzzles, drove cars on ramps,and created art.  In the Kitchen, the children had a marvelous time working with playdough—-molding, sculpting, cutting, rolling, and creating—such a great tactile experience and so good for strengthening their hand muscles. In the Circle Room, the children explored in the sand table, became doctors, drove trucks, set up the trains, built with blocks, and worked with tools.  Back in the Yellow Room, we cleaned up, said our prayer, and sang Happy Birthday to Joseph (the cha-cha-cha version). Joseph treated the children to delicious munchkin donuts–thank you Joseph and Happy Birthday! While the children ate, we read Kitty Cat, Kitty Cat, Are You Going to School?  We ended the day guessing the animal plates—it was a fantastic day!  Thanks to Joseph for making a ‘13’ for the calendar and Archie for the weather report!


Songs and Poems:  Ring around the Rosie, Open-shut them, Who has come to school today, Here I am, One Banana, Wiggle Song, Joseph starts with J, Hello song, If you’re happy and you know it


FYI:  Monday–Lunch Bunch begins

         Wednesday–Red Day