Classroom Corner

Our ‘x-rays’

Monday we greeted the children and heard about birthday parties and sleep-overs at grandparents, and saw new haircuts.  In the Yellow Room, the children found much to do: Amber was coloring and writing at the art table along with Marley and Charlotte.  Donald and Archie were playing tic-tac-toe while Erin was imagining with the Lion King characters. Cate worked on table puzzles and helped Quinlan and Sophie piece together a large scarecrow floor puzzle.  Emily-Rose and Eva-Lea were building with dominoes and the colorful blocks too. Katelynn and Quinlan were also measuring the classroom with Quinlan’s tape measure. Kellan was having fun playing with trucks and scooting around the classroom.  We talked about the letter O for October and the letter M for Monday (and the children knew that Marley started with M too)! In the Circle Room, we moved to the song ‘Pretty autumn leaves’ and greeted one another with Monday moves—twirls, karate moves, bridges, head nods, tongue waves, spins and more!  Then we listened to the song ‘Touch’ and followed along–we had to touch our noses to our feet and our elbows to our knees and many other funny moves—it was a great moving/listening exercise! After looking at the easels that we would be painting on, we read “Press Here” –a clever, interactive story featuring red, yellow and blue dots—-and that’s the colors we were painting with today too!  In the Pink Room, the children drove cars around the parking garages, imagined with unicorns, designed dragons, investigated pumpkins, built/stacked the tupper-blocks, created with colorful pegs and worked at the art table.  In the kitchen, the children put on their smocks and had so much fun creating with red, yellow and blue paint—some even created new colors: orange, green and purple. Their paintings are all unique and so fabulous–the kitchen looked like an art gallery!  In the Circle Room, the children built with the cardboard bricks–playhouses, towers, and pools; imagined in the sand; worked with tools; drove trucks and buses; and served delicious food. Back in the Yellow Room, we said our prayer and enjoyed a snack while reading Lily Brown’s Painting-–when you paint you can create your own worlds!  Then we went out back to play tag, roll hoops, collect acorns and enjoy the breezy fall day.  Thanks to Donald for making a ‘7’ for the calendar and Amber for the ‘goo-goo-ga-ga’ weather report (makes them laugh every time)!


Tuesday our small-class day friends were busy creating at the art table and flying paper airplanes.  Amber, Cate, Emily-Rose, Eva-Lea, and Sophie were creating with glue and metallic leaves–beautiful designs.  Katelynn, Erin, Quinlan and Archie were flying their paper airplanes back and forth down the hall testing which plane would go the farthest (or shortest) distance.  We also played games of Halloween and Superhero Memory, shared the large dollhouses, cared for babies, became doctors, and created a secret hide-out away from Thanos (such imaginations).  Quinlan worked on a large paper and tape creation that extended from the Yellow Room to past the Circle Room doors while Katelynn used paper, tape, and markers to create trees. Sophie did ‘homework’ at school, writing her ABC’s and 123’s!  Amber enjoyed stringing beads while Archie enjoyed playing with the bristle block ‘aliens’. There was much conversation and laughter all morning. The children also created a paper bag pumpkin in the kitchen by filling a lunch bag with crumpled magazine pages, securing the top with a pipe cleaner and painting the bag orange–they look like real pumpkins!  After a wonderfully busy morning, we went to the Green Room to say our prayer and enjoy a snack while reading The Pumpkin Man.  We ended the day running, chasing, and collecting acorns—perfect!  


Wednesday the Yellow Room filled with many shades of green–it was Green Day! The children were happy to investigate the activities and quickly found areas of interest–here’s a peek:  Charlotte and Sophie were caring for babies and creating stories with the Dalmatians. Caden took on the role of doctor–and I needed many shots, of course! Donald was listening to books about trucks with Mrs. Burke, Eva-Lea, and Kellan.  Then Donald built structures with the domino blocks while Erin, Joseph, and Katelynn made a large structure with the colorful blocks. Archie worked on puzzles and had fun using the alien bristle blocks–Quinlan even connected his measuring tape to the bristle blocks.  Marley and Emily-Rose were very focused on their art ideas–the room was just humming with the sounds of active children! We talked about the letter O for October, W for Wednesday and G for goat, grass, gate, gift, guitar, goose, and green! In the Circle Room, we moved to our Wiggle song and as we greeted the children, they showed us the green that they were wearing—shoes, socks, pants, shirts, sweaters, beads and hair bands too—so much green!  The children guessed the green items in my green bag—-frog, crayon, Christmas tree, Oscar the grouch, block, oven mitt, apple, pickle/cucumber, and a leaf. Then I showed the children an ‘elephant plant’ leaf that was over 3 feet tall (including the stem)—it was amazing! Everyone had a chance to look and touch the giant leaf. We moved our bodies to a song called ‘Growing’ and acted like a seed growing into a large tree and a baby that grows into a big kid!  In the Pink Room, the children added some green peas into their Color Books, investigated the pumpkins, drove cars in/around the garage, worked on chalkboards, imagined at Sesame Street, matched pegs to number puzzles, dressed the magnetic dolls and created their own art ideas. In the Circle Room, the children built stages, picnic tables, and large towers; worked with tools; held cooking classes in the sand table; prepared food; drove trucks; and worked on more art ideas.  Back in the Yellow Room, we said our prayer and enjoyed a special Green Day snack: green grapes, green apple slices, pickles, and saltines (the children selected any or all of the options). While the children snacked, we read The Big Wide-Mouthed Frog–then we went out back to run and play on a cloudy day. Thanks to Katelynn for making the ‘9’ for the calendar and Joseph for the partly-cloudy, cool weather report!


Thursday we were busy as usual.  Amber, Donald, Quinlan, Eva-Lea, Emily-Rose, Katelynn, Cate, and Sophie spent time working at the art table—glue, shiny leaves, hole-punchers, stickers, markers, and more. Quinlan even took ‘tests’, writing his answers with his spy pen!  Some of the children created a Green Day page in their journal books too. Donald made a tall tower with all of the stackable people. Erin, Archie, Sophie, Katelynn, Quinlan, Emily-Rose and Eva-Lea spent time flying paper airplanes up and down the hall–it was a traffic jam in the sky!    The children set up the sweet street dollhouses, created stories with the Mickey Mouse characters, worked on puzzles, pretended to be superheroes and built with the dominoes. They also painted a face on their paper bag pumpkins and had fun just painting with black paint on paper. After a wonderful morning filled with conversation and play, we went to the Green Room to say our prayer and enjoy a snack (a repeat of Green Day minus the pickles:  green grapes, green apples and saltines). As the children snacked, we read Green Wilma--a frog who dreams of being a girl.  Then we went out back to play tag, collect acorns and enjoy the lovely fall day!


Friday was a great Autumn day–cool and breezy!  The children arrived and happily walked down to the Yellow Room–Cate skipped all the way!  Here’s a look at the activity in the Yellow Room: Katelynn and Charlotte were creating stories with a collection of characters, then they joined Archie, Cate and Donald in their hide-out.  Cate spent time working on a large floor puzzle–she did the whole thing by herself, and playing with the dollhouses along with Eva-Lea and Emily-Rose. Quinlan was working on his art–he was curious about stripes today and we found many on the children’s clothing!  Amber, Marley, Eva-Lea, Emily-Rose, Erin, and Caden were working on their art ideas too–stampers, dot markers, stickers, and more! Joseph worked on a ‘dress the bunny’ puzzle and built with the dominoes while Kellan read about trucks with Mrs. Burke. When Sophie arrived she joined Charlotte and had fun imagining with the dolls at the playground.  We talked about the letter O for October, F for Friday, and X for x-ray–today we were talking about bones! In the Circle Room, we moved to our Hello song and greeted one another with waves, head nods, and funny sounds. Then I asked the children ‘what do you know about bones?’ They know that bones are in our bodies and that cats, dogs, birds and dinosaurs have bones too.  We wondered about bugs–do they have bones? Then we read a story called Bones and learned that we have 206 bones in our bodies, bones help us to move, bones help to protect our organs, and without bones, we would just be blobs on the floor–they found that very amusing!  We looked at pictures of animal bones and guessed the animal: snake, cat, bat and chameleon; and we looked at a child’s skeleton costume. Then we used our bones to dance to the Skeleton Dance—-lots of fun and great exercise too!  In the Pink Room, the children could make their own x-ray if they chose (by painting a hand with white paint and pressing it onto black paper)–looks like the real thing! They also used foam stickers to create their own skeletons, played with bats, ghosts, and skeletons in a house; matched the Oreos; imagined with the little ponies; created a block jungle for the jungle animals; and laced Halloween-themed cards.  In the Circle Room, the children built beds and stages with the big wooden blocks; went skiing using the long wooden blocks as skis; sifted for gems and stars in the sand; built pools and fire stations with the cardboard bricks; and prepared delicious foods. Back in the Yellow Room, we said our prayer and enjoyed a fun snack: Cheetos white cheddar bones! While the children snacked, we read a funny story called Skeleton Hiccups. Then we went out back to play tag, roll hoops, look for acorns, and enjoy the great autumn day!  Thanks to Joseph for making an ‘11’ for the calendar and Erin for the goo-goo-ga-ga weather report—she had the whole room laughing hysterically!  

Quinlan and Cate made skeletons with their Cheetos bones!

Songs and Poems:  Monday starts with M, Pretty autumn leaves,  Open-shut them, Who has come to school today, One Banana, Days of the week, 5 little pumpkins, Fly-Eagles-Fly, Green starts with G, Wiggle Song, Friday starts with F, I’m a little pumpkin


FYI:  Wednesday is Orange Day and, weather permitting, we’ll have a visit with the Elkins Park Fire Company!

Friday–Story time with Miss Elizabeth