Classroom Corner

Playing Pizza Party

Monday we were excited for our Pizza Party lunch!  The children arrived bright-eyed and ready to play.  We heard about falls off bicycles (no fun), skating at the Palace Roller Rink (lots of fun), necklaces from sisters, and sleepovers with cousins.  Zachary, Quinlan, Connor, Mark, Reed, and Finley G used the plastic clothespins as long claws on their fingers–scary! Then Quinlan and Hailey worked on a large ABC floor puzzle while Remi supervised the placement of the pieces.  Reed created stories with a variety of dinosaurs and searched for just the right pieces in the Lego box. Mandy, Ryan, Tommy, Finley G, Zachary and Molly took turns playing rounds of Pizza Party—perfect for pizza day! Connor, Finley B, Ryan, and Mark worked at the kitchen together while Blakeslee placed phone calls to Peter Pan (she was Wendy).  Ryan also matched all of the mom and baby puzzle pairs while Tommy found the letters for the word puzzles. Lainey was building with blocks and spent time cutting paper with the fancy-edge scissors. Elvin, Emily, Mandy, Madelyn, Remi, and Isabel worked on many art ideas. The room was humming with activity! We talked about the letter J for June, M for Monday and P for Pizza!  In the Circle Room, we moved to our Ring around the Rosie song as we sounded like pigs, pranced like ponies, and popped like popcorn. The children greeted one another with their Monday moves —splits, straddles, knee slides, twirls, hops, waves, creeps, salutes and more. Then we walked to the parish hall to practice for our closing program. After our practice, we stayed in the hall to run and chase–the children had a ball!  Back at school, we separated into our small groups to play in the Yellow Room and in the Pink Room. In the Pink Room, the children imagined with the Toy Story characters and with the zoo animals on the trains. They built with the flexi-blocks, drove cars on a puzzle roadway, investigated real seashells, caught fish on a rod, and made pizzas–yum. Back in the Yellow Room, we said our prayer and enjoyed a snack while reading Pizza Party.  After snack, we played a game of Color-shape Bingo.  Then we all went out back to play with balls, hoops and cones; draw with chalk; collect rocks (diamonds); and do a lot of chasing.  It was so lovely outside! Back inside, we washed hands and played in the Pink Room until the pizza arrived. Then it was back to the Yellow Room to enjoy our pizza, juice and lots of conversation!  After lunch was finished, we played a game of ABC Bingo and then went out front to enjoy a popsicle under the shade of the tree—it was a fantastic last lunch day!

Tuesday our small-class day friends arrived with ideas aplenty!  Mandy, Zachary and Reed jumped right into a game of Pizza Party (actually several games).  Then Reed and Zachary played their ‘roll the ball down the hall’ game. Mandy, Isabel and Emily spent a lot of time flying paper airplanes and measuring how far they flew.  Mark was super excited about a play-date he was having with his friend Grady. He spent time at the art table making special things for Grady. Mark also set up the fast–food restaurant—Isabel was his customer; and he very carefully organized the sea creatures and snow vehicles.  He wanted to use the tubs of ice, but we let that melt a few weeks ago. Hailey and Mandy played rounds of ABC bingo, then Hailey set up the small sharks by color into an amazing design–that took great patience! Mandy also played Color-shape bingo with Isabel and Emily–they took turns calling out the game cards.  Elvin helped to attach the bingo game pieces to the chalkboard—it’s all magnetic; spent time building the Duplo Thomas trains; sang songs; made a ‘5’ for the calendar; worked at the art table; cooked at the restaurant; and solved many multiplication problems—so amazing! Reed and Zachary also had fun playing their ‘knock the weeble off the table’ game.  It was so nice to see how well they listened to each other’s ideas and cooperated as they played! Reed also taught me that there were no birds when dinosaurs roamed the earth just prehistoric winged reptiles—-he knows so much about dinosaurs. All morning we enjoyed conversation, laughter and creativity! We went to the kitchen to wash our hands, say our prayer and enjoy a small ice cream sundae as we read Benny’s Pennies.  Then we went outside to run, play, use the hula-hoops, shoot baskets, and enjoy the breezy day!  It was a delightful last small-class day!

Wednesday the children arrived for our final day of school—many wore special clothes for the occasion!  As usual, the Yellow Room was quickly buzzing with activity. Hailey, Mandy, Ryan, Zachary and Finley G were jumping next to the growth chart trying to touch over the 4 feet mark–and they did!  Blakeslee, Elvin, Emily, Molly, Remi, Ryan, and Tommy had fun exploring with the color paddles–they created new colors as they placed the color paddles over other colors—science in action! Finley B, Hailey, and Tommy enjoyed looking at a book about bugs together while Connor had fun chatting on phones with Ryan.  Mandy and Zachary played multiple games of tic-tac-toe on the chalkboard and Finley G drew very large letters on the chalkboard too. Blakeslee, Lainey and Molly shared the Mickey Mouse characters and created their own stories. Emily was caring for her baby–apparently the baby was a very messy eater! Isabel was organizing the kitchen and working on her art.  Remi spent time working on the vehicle puzzle, building with the magnetic sculpture set, chatting on phones and working on art with Madelyn and Hailey. Quinlan worked with the magnetic sculpture set too and matched shapes to their same color pegs. Mark used the colorful shapes in his game of Power Rangers, investigated the alphabet flipboard and worked on his art ideas.  Reed was sorting through the Lego box and then spent time carefully coloring a picture. We talked about the letter J for June and W for Wednesday (and Wawa—they love to mention that)! We walked to the parish hall to practice for our closing program–they were very chatty–it was fun! Back at school, we separated into our small groups in the Yellow Room and Pink Room. In the Pink Room, the children built with the Poki blocks and large Duplo blocks.  They investigated the seashell collection, used their fine-motor skills to play under-the-sea basketball, imagined at Sesame Street and at the farm, and ‘baked’ batches of gingerbread cookies. In the Yellow Room, the children were able to touch and look closely at a paper wasp nest (no wasps inside)—quite an amazing feat of engineering! We cleaned up, said our prayer and enjoyed a snack while reading a class favorite: Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons.  We ended the morning guessing our animal plates and when we saw the eagle, we decided to sing a rousing rendition of Fly-Eagles-Fly.  Then it was off to the hall for our closing program. Thanks to Remi for suggesting that we count ‘Remi’ for our One Banana song, Finley B for making a ‘6’ for the calendar, Elvin for the partly-cloudy–chilly weather report and Emily for holding the flag!


We are so thankful for being able to spend this year with your children–they are so special!

We are very proud of our class:  Blakeslee, Connor, Elvin, Emily, Finley B, Finley G, Hailey, Isabel, Joey, Lainey, Madelyn, Mandy, Mark, Molly, Quinlan, Reed, Remi, Ryan, Tommy, and Zachary!

We wish you all a very happy, safe and relaxing summer!  

Songs and Poems:  Ring around the Rosie, Open-shut them, Who has come to school today, Wiggle Song, Alphabet song, On top of spaghetti, Fly-Eagles-Fly