Classroom Corner


IMG_4699Monday we were treated to a gorgeous weather day.  The children arrived with their bright smiles and excited for our pizza lunch day.  The Yellow Room quickly filled with the sounds of busy children–here’s a peek at the activity:  Amber spent time creating scenes with the window puzzle–some silly (reading on the roof) and some serious (cooking in the  kitchen). Lainey was preparing delicious pizzas and caring for babies. Marley designed with the builders and benders along with Katelynn; then Marley became the doctor for Lainey’s baby.  Katelynn created stories with the Western town and joined Connor imagining with the Lion King and jungle animals. Archie and Emily-Rose were having fun at the castle and with the pirate ships while Ronan was caring for tiny frogs and fishing.  Quinlan showed us a collection of his cars and motorcycles, then he and Joey went fishing too. Sophie and Olivia shared the magnetic shape builders and had fun matching each other’s designs. Tommy tried his hand at building with the metal and magnets too—it’s fascinating!  Erin was working on puzzles and taking on roles as she likes to do–today she was Lady Wifi and Aqua-girl! Our art table was a popular spot as Christian, Cate, Remi, Molly M, Molly W, and Eva-Lea were working on their projects—many for friends and family–so sweet! We talked about the letter J for the new month of June and our friend Joey, M for Monday, and P for pizza and popsicles!  In the Circle Room, we moved to ‘Down-down baby’ and greeted one another with our Monday moves—twirls, spins, knee hops, shy turtles, ninja moves and more. Then we pretended our parachute was a beach umbrella and had fun imagining it blowing in the wind–fast and slow, up and down, in and out and round and round (and of course, going under). Afterward, we went to the parish hall to practice for our closing ceremony and then went on the lawn out front to run, observe bugs, examine tall grass and just have fun in the bright June sun!  Back inside, we spent time in the Yellow Room and in the Pink Room. In the Pink Room, the children created stories with the Sweet Street dollhouses and characters, cooked at the tabletop kitchen, worked on puzzles, created art, matched the alphabet popsicles, built with the wooden stacking blocks and imagined with Winnie the Pooh characters and Noah’s ark animals too. Back in the Yellow Room together, we said our prayer and enjoyed a snack while reading Pete’s a Pizza.  Then we played a game of Alphabet Bingo and packed up our school bags—journals and crayons came home today!  Before long, the pizza arrived, and we all enjoyed a delicious lunch together! After lunch we read The Book with No Pictures twice—it really makes the children laugh!  Then we were back outside to eat popsicles and enjoy playing with hoops, balls, chalk, running, chasing and racing—it was a fabulous day!  Thanks to Lainey for suggesting that we count ‘pineapples’ for our One Banana song, Christian for making a ‘3’ for the calendar, Marley for the ‘goo-goo-ga-ga’ weather report (much laughter) and Christian for holding the flag —  ‘a double Christian day’ Quinlan said!

Observing a roly-poly
Pizza Party!
And popsicles too!

Tuesday was another bright and beautiful day.  The children enjoyed exploring our collection of shells and listening for the ocean.  Tommy and Erin made rubbings of the scallop shells with pencils and crayons; and Olivia traced a spiral-shaped shell.  We also read a book called Seashore–there is so much happening down by the sea!  Molly worked on many art projects for friends and made a great mouse house out of paper too.  Erin played Superhero memory and took on the role of Ariel today. Connor set up the dollhouses, castle, and stable for the Lion King characters and created a mansion with the Sweet Street houses.  Olivia and Erin worked on the chalkboard-even creating their own calendar. Tommy wanted to make a ‘Thor hammer’, so we used oak tag paper (folded into a box shape), a paper towel tube, and duct tape to fashion a reasonable facsimile.  Before long, Connor and Erin had Thor hammers too and Olivia was making one for Tommy completely out of paper. Tommy, Molly, and Erin also made Captain America shields and Molly colored an Aquaman trident for Connor—they really know their superheroes!  We had a great time creating but noticed it was getting late, so we headed to the kitchen to say our prayer and enjoy an ice cream sundae–yum. While the children snacked, we read The Gruffalo–they’ve been requesting it. Then we went outside to ride bikes and play on an absolutely gorgeous day!  Thanks to Molly for making the ‘4’ for the calendar.

Wednesday we were once again treated to a sunny day and lots of sunny smiles from the children.  The Yellow Room was quickly bustling with activity–here’s a snapshot of the action: Olivia, Sophie, and Marley were fishing and setting up the food in the refrigerator–they are excellent organizers!  Erin and Katelynn were working on tangram puzzles while Amber was exploring the alphabet flipboard. Ronan was collecting frogs, Connor was setting up the Lion King characters on the stable (he was imagining it as Pride Rock) and Eva-Lea was dressing the magnetic ballerina.  Archie, Lainey, Tommy, Quinlan, and Joey were sharing the car collection while Remi set up the Sweet Street dollhouses. Our art table was busy as ever with Cate, Christian, Emily-Rose, Molly M, and Molly W working on their great ideas. We talked about the letter J for June (and Joey), W for Wednesday (and Weithoner) and S for Summer, school, sun and Sophie.  The children could also chose a new letter for their first name –so Cate became Mate—they love this game! We separated into our small groups and went to the Pink Room and Circle Room. In the Pink Room, the children built tall towers at the Duplo table, designed dragons, imagined with the colorful animals and Dalmatians, built with dominoes and Poki blocks, worked on puzzles and created art.  In the Circle Room,the children built houses with the cardboard bricks, had a great time digging in the sand, and conducting experiments in the sand. Joey used empty spice jars as ‘test tubes’. The children became doctors, pretended to be Santa and sleeping children, worked with tools and organized the zoo animals. Back in the Yellow Room, we said our prayer and enjoyed a special snack–brownies– while reading There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Shell and Kitty Cat, Kitty Cat Are You Going to School?  The children shared their favorite things at school:  art, snack, playing outside and everything! Then we read The Book with No Pictures one last time before lining up to go to the hall for our closing ceremony!  What a wonderful year we had at school! Thanks to Emily-Rose for suggesting that we count ‘rainbows’ for our One Banana song, Eva-Lea for making a ‘5’ for the calendar, Archie for the ‘goo-goo-ga-ga’ weather report (that’s a crowd favorite) and Olivia for holding the flag!  



We had such a great year with Amber, Archie, Cate, Emily-Rose, Erin, Eva-Lea, Katelynn, Marley, Molly M, Quinlan, Ronan, and Sophie and we congratulate Christian, Connor, Joey, Lainey, Molly W, Olivia, Remi and Tommy as they move on to Kindergarten!



                                  Wishing a happy and safe summer to all!


Songs and Poems:  Joey starts with J, Pizza starts with P, Down-down baby, Open-shut them, Who has come to school today, Wiggle Song, One banana, Days of the week, Alphabet song