Classroom Corner

Warm color and cool color paintings


Monday we welcomed the children to school on a very wet day.  We saw a wide variety of boots: solid color, ladybugs, sharks, hearts, fur, laced–so many good choices for such messy weather.  We heard about weekend tee-ball games–Saturday was a great day to be outside! In the Yellow Room, Zachary, Finley G and Mandy took turns challenging one another with the Ariel underwater basketball game and dry-erase tic-tac-toe.  Emily and Isabel were chatting away while working on their art. Ryan, Tommy, Joey and Molly worked on a variety of puzzles. Connor used the pin-art tools to make images of the trains and cars. Hailey and Finley B used their imaginations to become the animals on the number chart: frogs, bunnies, cats, birds, dogs, butterflies and more.  Blakeslee and Mark created stories with the Care Bears at the house. Remi and Madelyn were working on fashion books and styles while Elvin created his art with dot markers. Reed noticed that the dinosaur felt warm. We found out that it was in a basket next to the radiator—great discovery! We talked about the rainy day, sang a song:R-A-I-N-Y, and talked about the letters R, M and A.  In the Circle Room, we moved to a few songs, greeted one another and showed off our Monday moves. Then we read Rain Talk and created rain sounds with words (ploomp, ploomp, ping-ping-ping-a-ding…).  We also created rain sounds using our rhythm sticks on the rug. We ended our rainstorm with the song ‘Beautiful Day’, using our rhythm sticks and many different movements.  Many of the children created letters with their sticks: X, V, L, T—super alphabet awareness! In the Pink Room, the children created on the tabletop chalkboards; imagined with the Polar Express train set and at the Duplo farm, designed potato head characters, matched shapes at the shape shop and investigated an abacus.  In the kitchen, the children continued to work on their special projects for Mom. In the Green Room, we read our Let’s Find Out magazine “Peep Peep”, all about ducklings. Then the children observed and watered their plants—they are very excited by the changes they are witnessing. In the Circle Room,the children played ‘Tooth Fairy’, built tall towers, worked with tools, prepared food, played in the sand, drove trucks and set up the trains.  In the Yellow Room, we said our prayer and enjoyed a snack while reading Five Little Ducks.  Thanks to Finley G for suggesting that we count ‘Finley G’s’ for our One Banana song, Joey for making a ‘16’ for the calendar, Hailey for the wet-mild weather report and Isabel for holding the flag!


Tuesday was just plain fun.  The children were active and engaged from start to finish.  Zachary, Reed and Mandy challenged each other in games of tic-tac-toe.  They are all good players and good sports as well! Hailey used the playdough and alphabet cookie cutters to make ABC cookies.  She also sounded out the letters c-a-b to make the word ‘cab’ –fantastic. Emily and Isabel set up some sweet street houses we had not used before–a ballet studio and pet shop.  Mark sailed ships, had pirates climb up to the crow’s nest and visited the girls at their shops. Zachary tested out his wind power by blowing a pom-pom and a tissue with a straw. Zachary also found out that our collection of polished stones weighs one pound by using a scale.  Reed used the playdough to make a ‘sphere’ (his description) and also weighed it on the scale. His dough ball weighed one pound too. He had fun rolling the sphere on the table. Elvin talked about the month and day on the calendar; and made a ‘17’ for the calendar too. He also spent time creating art and driving vehicles up and down the hallway, stopping to look at the birthday photos.  Emily, Isabel, Zachary and Mandy joined Hailey to create playdough waffles, hotdogs, chicken nuggets, pizza and other tasty treats. Mark built a block city that was being invaded by bugs! The children tested chalk on a freshly-wiped chalkboard then decided to use wipes to clean toys walls, chairs, table surfaces, laminated posters and anything else they could wipe–they had so much fun! We headed to the kitchen to say our prayer and enjoy a snack while reading Come Along Daisy.  Then we put on our coats to run and play on a chilly April day!


Wednesday was active from start to finish!  Mark, Joey, Ryan and Tommy played a game of Teddy Bear Bingo while Madelyn, Finley B, Remi and Hailey sat together to read an I Spy book.  Connor enjoyed looking through an I Spy book too.  Emily, Mandy, and Isabel worked on puzzles at the table.  Remi and Madelyn worked on a large floor puzzle together. Blakeslee imagined at the sweet street houses with Molly and Hailey—great sharing.  Zachary created a large art work with glue, shapes, markers and pencils. Quinlan glued papers together until his art was taller than the teachers—quite amazing.  Quinlan also joined in games of Teddy Bear Bingo along with Finley G, Tommy and Joey. Joey set up an office with the computer keyboard while Tommy was preparing food in the kitchen.  Elvin worked on his dot marker art and built with the Tupper-blocks. Reed sorted through the dinosaurs and created art using dinosaur stencils. We talked about the letter W for Wednesday (and Wawa).  We found out that if you turn those W’s upside down–you can spell Mama! In the Circle Room, we moved to our Wiggle song and greeted one another. Mrs. Gallagher explained warm colors (red, orange, yellow) and cool colors (green, blue, purple) to the children—they will choose which they will use for their painting today.  Then we read the interactive book: Mix It Up–all about blending colors—so fun!  We ended our Circle Time using color paddles and moving to the song ‘Colors’—-it’s a great song for listening and getting some exercise!  In the Pink Room, the children created stories together at the large dollhouses. They built with the bunny links and ‘builder and bender’ blocks, and designed dragons.  The children also worked with magnets, sorted colorful balls by color (also magnetic) and created art. In the kitchen, the children chose the warm or cool colors to paint their own ideas–swatches of color, shapes, flowers, rainbows, and dinosaurs in caves are just a few of their wonderful ideas!  In the Circle Room, the children filled buckets with sand, shared the animals, drove trucks, role-played families, jumped from block stairs, read stories and set up the trains. They also went into the Green Room to observe and water their plants. Back in the Yellow Room, we said our prayer and enjoyed a snack while reading when Sophie Gets Angry—Really, Really Angry.  We noticed that when Sophie is angry, the illustrator used the warm colors, but when Sophie calms down, the cool colors are used.  We ended the day singing about the 5 little ducks. Thanks to Hailey for suggesting that we count ‘unicorns’ for our One Banana song, Remi for making an ‘18’ for the calendar, Tommy for the sunny-chilly weather report and Finley B for holding the flag!


Thursday the children came with ideas a-plenty!  Mandy, Reed, Zachary and Hailey played rounds of Pizza Party, using their memories to find the pepperoni, mushrooms, onions and peppers.  Reed and Zachary moved on to rolling a ball back and forth to each other down the hall—good hand-eye coordination exercise plus they chatted with each other the entire time.  Mark was creating stories with the Toy Story characters and organized the children into the ‘clean-up club’. They love wiping the tables, chalkboards and toys with baby wipes—who knew cleaning could be so much fun?  Elvin and Isabel were working at the art table coloring and using dot markers. We had fun mixing the dot marker colors together on the paper to make new colors. Emily was choosing outfits for the dress-up doll, then joined in at the art table.  Mandy worked on ‘rippy bits’ art—using torn pieces of paper and glue to make a picture. She and Zachary also made wallets and money for the fast food restaurant. Zachary framed the first money he made at the restaurant—construction paper money and frame!  All of the children had fun creating with the playdough—cookies, cupcakes, pizzas, sodas, waffles and more. Reed rolled the dough into little balls then he and Zachary created a game of ‘roll the balls on the block obstacle course’–Hailey joined in the fun too. Hailey also played school counting the numbers on the calendar (she was the teacher), while Elvin read the days of the week and looked through the large alphabet cards.  He even showed us how he can write in Korean on the chalkboard–amazing! The children spent time in the kitchen working on their special Mother’s Day projects too. We also enjoyed a snack in the kitchen after saying our prayer. While the children ate, we read: The Duckling Gets a Cookie--which does not make the pigeon very happy.  Then we put on our coats to play outside on a crazy weather April day.  Thanks to Elvin for making a ‘19’ for the calendar.


Friday the air was brisk but the sun was shining—yippee!  In the Yellow Room, Zachary, Tommy and Mandy played games of tic-tac-toe on the dry-erase boards.  Emily and Isabel created art on the dry-erase boards. Connor used the Boggle letter cubes to spell ‘BEAR’–he found all of the letters by himself!  Hailey, Remi and Madelyn were chatting away while playing baby in the highchair and working on floor puzzles. Reed made dinosaur teeth impressions on foam–that dinosaur has quite a bite!  Elvin and Ryan worked on puzzles. Then Ryan played with the Toy Story characters with Lainey. Lainey matched letters with the Boggle game too. Ryan also spent time building Legos with Joey.  Finley G was really taking his time coloring at the art table while Quinlan was creating with stickers. Mark was enjoying using stickers on his creations as well. Blakeslee imagined with the pet shop animals and visited many other activities in the Yellow Room. Finley B and Mark played a game of mom and baby—so much imaginative play!  We talked about the letter F for Friday, A for April and Q for question (and Quinlan). The children recognized the question mark–we like to call it the mystery mark. In the Circle Room we sang our ‘Hello’ song and greeted one another; then we read The Feel Good Book.  The book ends with the question:  what makes you feel good? The children shared their ideas: their families, snuggling with mom, playing with friends, new baby sisters, grandparents—so many reasons to feel good.  Then we danced to the James Brown classic “I Got You” (I Feel Good). Dancing and jumping around always makes us feel good; and the children noticed that their hearts were beating quickly!  In the Pink Room, the children imagined with animals on trains, at a playground, and on Sesame Street. They built with the ‘poki’ blocks and designed fashions for the magnetic dress-up dolls.  They also cooked at the table top kitchen and created art (and paper airplanes). In the Kitchen, the children added finishing touches to special gifts for Mom. In the Green Room, the children watered their plants.  They really enjoy looking at the changes as their plants grow–so fascinating! The sun beckoned us to come outside, so we put on our coats and went out back to play tag, kick balls, play with hoops, collect flowers and run for the simple joy of running.  Back in the Yellow Room, we said our prayer and surprised Mrs. Gallagher with a birthday party (her birthday is in August). We sang the cha-cha-cha version of the Happy Birthday song and enjoyed a cupcake while reading The Earth Book (Sunday is Earth Day).  Thanks to Connor for suggesting that we count ‘tablecloths’ for the One Banana song (his job was to clean up the tablecloth on the dry-erase board table), Lainey for making a ‘20’ for the calendar, Elvin for the sunny-chilly weather report and Ryan for holding the flag!  Happy Birthday Mrs. Gallagher!


Songs and Poems:  R-A-I-N-Y, Spring, Down-down baby, Open-shut them, Who has come to school today, One Banana, Days of the Week, Wiggle song, 5 Little Ducks, Hello song, Quinlan starts with ‘Q’