Classroom Corner


Monday was such a beautiful spring-like day!  The children arrived with their bright smiles and big ideas.  Quinlan realized that ‘technically’ the teachers were the first to arrive at school–what a great observation and word as well!  Then he spent time in conversation with Sophie and Erin. Amber and Katelynn joined Charlotte organizing the Sweet Street houses. Archie and Caden were building with the flexi-blocks then created stories with Cate using characters, ships, and castles.  Emily-Rose and Eva-Lea were finding hidden pictures in a Seek and Find book. Then the girls chose characters, airplanes and accessory pieces for their story ideas. Kellan worked on the tile puzzle and found the letters for all of the word puzzles–fantastic!  Marley matched Oreos with Cate and created at the art table along with Sophie and Quinlan. We talked about the letter M for Monday and March (Marley, Molly, and Mom too). In the Circle Room, we moved to a St. Patrick’s Day song and greeted one another with Monday moves:  eye blinks, waves, balancing on tip-toes, ninja moves, stretches, and more. Then we read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and named alphabet letters as we marched around the alphabet (rug) to a song called ‘Marching around the alphabet’. Mrs. Gallagher taught us some Irish dancing steps and we ended our Circle Time jigging and dancing to Happy!   In the Kitchen, the children used their fine-motor and visual-spatial skills to create a kite using a rhombus shape, 4 triangles (2 big and 2 small),and glue to hold it all together. In the Circle Room, the children drove trucks, built desks and work centers with blocks, set up a lovely table with a delicious meal, played in the sand, and had hallway crawling races–they love to move!  In the Pink Room, the children explored the letter-shaped blocks, built dragons, imagined with the Blues Clues characters and at the fire stations, investigated the alphabet flip-board, worked on puzzles and created art. Back in the Yellow Room, we said our prayer and enjoyed a snack while reading From Anne to Zach (names from A to Z).  Then we went outside to run and play on a fabulous weather day!  Thanks to Marley for suggesting that we count ‘Charlotte’ for our One Banana song, Sophie for making a ‘9’ for the calendar, Caden for the no clouds, no chill, no rain or snow weather report but a yes for playing outside, and Marley for holding the flag (a double Marley day)!


Tuesday was a super day.  Quinlan and Katelynn took turns piecing together some challenging puzzles.  Archie took on the role of dad and cooked up some tasty food –noodles (beads) with butter–yum!  Erin, Emily-Rose, and Eva-Lea imagined with characters, planes, castles, and ships. Emily-Rose and Eva-Lea worked with the playdough too.  The girls wrapped the dough around their characters, rolled the dough flat, and added glitter to the dough to make it sparkle! Quinlan and Erin flew paper planes and invented games with Koosh balls.  Erin used the balls in her game of Spiderman and Spidergirl with Archie. Quinlan and I tossed Koosh balls at the same time to one another and caught them–our high total of completed passes: 100! The children worked at the art table and set up the Sweet Street houses.  In the Circle Room, the children made a superhero hideout with the blocks and played Limbo–they can go pretty low! In the Green Room, we said our prayer and enjoyed a snack while reading K is for Kissing a Cool Kangaroo.  Then we went back to the Circle Room to continue our play until the end of the day!


Wednesday the children arrived and went right to work.  Archie, Caden, and Joseph were all working at the puzzle table.  Joseph and Mrs. Foell also worked on a large Cat in the Hat floor puzzle.  Quinlan, Charlotte, and Katelynn were working on puzzles as well. Amber and Erin found a cozy spot to create dinosaur stories together. Emily-Rose and Eva-Lea gathered princess characters, Rugrat characters, Lion King characters,  Duplo vehicles and animals, houses and a stable for their story ideas–the have BIG ideas. Marley showed us a wonderful book that she made at home and created new art using stamper markers–she was creating a pattern! Kellan (aka Heatwave) was driving trucks and reading a book about trucks with Mrs. Burke.  We talked about the letter M for March and the letter W for Wednesday and we also discussed how an M becomes a W and a W becomes an M when you turn them upside down—letters are tricky things. We went to the Circle Room and sang a song about a sneaky leprechaun–could we find him? Yes, we did–sitting on a shelf in a truck!  Then we moved to our Wiggle Song and greeted each other with words (bonjour, hola, ni hao and pickle, of course), winks, waves, and acting as if they were made of wood. Then we put on our own Reader’s Theater version of The Three Little Pigs. The children took turns acting as the pigs and the big, bad wolf and were wonderful at delivering their lines.  After performing it three times to give everyone who wanted an opportunity to perform, we had one final performance that featured about 8 wolves at the same time–it was so much fun! In the Pink Room, the children imagined at fire stations, with the dogs,and at the Ferris Wheel and merry-go-round; built with the City blocks, nested and stacked the colorful cups (and used them as cooking pots); worked on puzzles; and created art.  In the Circle Room, the children built a Superhero home and bed with blocks, drove trucks, imagined with the Rescue Heroes, played in the sand, and worked with tools. In the Kitchen, the children added just the right tail for their colorful kites–the kites are flying high in the Pink Room. Back in the Yellow Room, we said our prayer and enjoyed a snack while reading The Three Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark. Then we went outside to run and play on another great March day!  Thanks to Kellan for suggesting that we count ‘transformers’ for our One Banana song, Quinlan for making the ‘11’ for our calendar, Caden (second time this week) for the ‘no to snow and rain–yes to nice day-let’s go out and play’ weather report and Kellan for holding the flag (a double Kellan day)!

Thursday, our small-class day friends had a wonderful day.  Quinlan showed us his squishy donut (looks so real) which he used to play games of catch, Monkey in the middle, and hide the donut with Katelynn, Erin, Emily-Rose, and Archie.  Erin was also hiding the Koosh balls for us to find as well. Emily-Rose, Eva-Lea, and Katelynn worked on the large Frozen floor puzzle several times. Emily-Rose, Erin, Archie, and Eva-Lea created at the art table as well.  We all went into the kitchen to paint special pots to hold a special plant for a special someone. The children did beautiful work. Then we stayed and played in the kitchen and Circle Room. The children designed Potato head characters, hopped frogs into a bucket, sorted through a character box, prepared food at the tabletop kitchen, built a block bed, and gathered food and markers for their home and office.  In the Green Room, we said our prayer and enjoyed a snack while reading The Letters are Lost. Then we went outside to run and play on a chilly-overcast day! Thanks to Erin for making a ‘12’ for our calendar!


Songs and Poems:  On St. Patrick’s Day, Open-shut them, Who has come to school today, I love you poem, One Banana, Days of the Week, One little leprechaun, Wiggle Song