Classroom Corner

Boo—can you guess who?

Monday the sun went missing again, but the children brought their energy and enthusiasm to brighten the damp day.  We noticed that Katelynn, Marley and Molly W were all wearing unicorn shirts—how amazing! The children quickly found areas of interest to them—here’s a peek at the action:  Archie and Ronan were setting up trains and chatting. Archie was also scooping the corn and apples while Ronan loaded beads into the tractor’s wagons. Connor pieced together a Lego ‘bad guy’ and was busy on the phones.  Quinlan was working on his art but stopped to help Emily Rose put together a challenging puzzle. Emily Rose paid that kindness forward by bringing Molly M a paper to color—so thoughtful! Lainey was working very hard on a special picture for her sister Maura.  Joey was creating his own rainbow and Eva Lea was carefully coloring her picture. Cate and Katelynn took turns with the ABC puzzle and matched the community helper puzzles too. Katelynn also joined Remi and Molly W building with the bristle blocks. Marley was imagining with the Wizard of Oz characters while Erin was creating her stories with the Sesame Street characters.  We talked about the letter O for October, M for Monday, and I for ice cream, iron, ice igloo, and imagination! In the Circle Room, we sang our Autumn Leaves song–that really got our hearts pumping as we jumped in the leaves. We greeted one another with Monday moves—-twirls, head nods, knee and bottom scoots, wiggles and more—it was great! Then we put our imaginations to work as we read There’s a Monster in Your Book—the children helped to chase the monster out of the book.  We enjoyed it so much we read it twice! Then, at Connor’s suggestion on this cloudy-wet day, we took out the parachute and imagined it was our giant umbrella.  We lifted it up, down, moved it fast and slow, high and low, in and out and round and round—it was a howling good time! In the kitchen, the children created green paint by blending blue and yellow finger-paints on paper—they loved the experience!  In the Pink Room, the children designed potato head characters, worked at the farm and with the construction trucks, baked alphabet cookies, built with alphabet blocks, and worked on puzzles. In the Circle Room, the children took on roles of babies, moms, dads and doctors, sifted and scooped the sand, built with the large blocks, read stories, investigated bridges and ramps with the trains, and were sometimes hypnotized—–imaginations at work!  Back in the Yellow Room, we said our prayer and enjoyed a snack while reading Little Blue and Little Yellow (together they make green)!  It was a wonderful day despite the clouds!  Thanks to Cate for making a ‘15’ for the calendar and Connor for the cloudy-chilly weather report!


Tuesday we enjoyed a wonderfully imaginative day with our small-class friends.  Erin, Lainey, Connor, Olivia and Molly W spent time creating with playdough—cakes, cookies, popsicles, lollipops, tacos, pizzas and more.  They cut, kneaded, sliced, rolled, sculpted and weighed the dough. When all of the dough was on the scale it weighed 3.5 pounds—wow! Molly spent time matching the rhyming puzzles–she really enjoys rhyming.  Connor found the characters he was looking for in the ‘not-Disney’ character collection and formed his own Justice League. Molly found some favorite characters too and they had a great time playing together. Olivia operated a restaurant–she took our orders, prepared the food, delivered, and answered the phones—very busy!  Erin, Lainey, Molly and Olivia also took turns playing games of Halloween Memory and played an imaginative game of moms, dads, babies and doctors. Connor created a story about the Justice League called ‘Justice is Served’—it was all his idea and it is fantastic! Our morning went by so quickly and before we knew it, it was time to say our prayer and enjoy a snack in the kitchen while reading Connor’s story:  Justice is Served.  Then we went out front to run and play on a bright cool fall day!


Wednesday was a festive day–it was Orange Day — a great color for this Halloween time of year!  Here’s a snapshot of the activity in the Yellow Room: Tommy and Christian played a game of tic-tac-toe on the chalkboard and then worked on puzzles with Joey.  Joey and Christian were also caring for the babies –their babies were like acrobats standing on their heads–tricky babies! Archie was cooking–he was sure to put on the oven mitt to protect his hand.  Quinlan and Christian were building with the magnetic blocks while Connor, Katelynn, and Sophie experimented with the pin art. Cate, Eva Lea, and Emily Rose were working on puzzles–they all really enjoy the challenge.  Amber was using her fine-motor skills to lace the Halloween cards (bat, pumpkin, ghost)–Tommy really liked them too. Our art table was busy as Marley, Molly M, Molly W, Olivia, and Remi created special things for family, friends and just for fun!  Lainey and Erin created stories with the Winnie the Pooh and Garfield characters. After a bit, Cate and Archie joined them and they all played so nicely together! We talked about the letter O for both October and Orange; and W for Wednesday. In the Circle Room, we moved to our Wiggle Song and greeted one another.  The children showed us their orange clothes–which led us into a great discussion about space. Remi said her pants were the ‘Milky Way’ and that’s how the conversation got started. One of the children mentioned how we were in space-then we wanted to know how it could be bright if space is dark. So we talked about the sun and how the earth turns to face the sun each day—-it was an amazing discussion.  We also talked about how toys are made and the materials that are used (and how Santa’s elves make toys too)—another fabulous conversation! Wow–back to Orange Day, we saw orange shirts (Halloween-themed and Flyers were popular), orange on pants, on shoes, on socks, and orange hair accessories too. The children figured out the mystery items in my orange bag: fish, tiger, safety cone, crayon, leaves, block, pumpkin, carrot, orange and basketball—fantastic!  Then we sang and moved to ‘I’m a little pumpkin’—we love the ‘boo’ part! In the kitchen, the children used their fine-motor skills to lace orange alphabet pumpkins onto black yarn to spell out their name–that took concentration and patience! In the Pink Room, the children used the balance to weigh real mini pumpkins, created stories at the Western town, with the jungle animals and at a playground scene; built with the Tupper-blocks, filled small plastic pumpkins with treats (Halloween-themed erasers), played tic-tac-toe and worked on their art ideas.  In the Green Room, the children added an Orange Day entry in their journals. They made pumpkins, bugs, beach scenes, family members—so many ideas! In the Circle Room, the children set up the trains, played in the sand, built a rock-star stage, became rock stars, read stories, drove buses and set up an art table on the sand table lid! Back in the Yellow Room, we said our prayer and enjoyed an Orange Day snack–goldfish crackers on orange napkins. We read Connor’s story: Justice is Served (he came up with the story all by himself) and it is an amazing story!  We also read Pete the Cat: Five Little Pumpkins.  It was a super Orange Day!  Thanks to Erin for making a ‘17’ for the calendar and Eva Lea for the sunny-cool weather report!


Thursday was a sunny, chilly fall day.  Molly and Tommy started their day choosing characters from the non-Disney collection for their stories.  Olivia and Erin used glue, small, shiny pumpkin shapes, and black paper to create art for friends–so thoughtful!  Connor looked through the class photo cards, laid them out on the table and counted them all—20–we have 20 friends in our class!  Tommy and Erin decided to create vehicles with the Legos–they were very deliberate in their search for just the right pieces. Connor found the characters he needed for the Hall of Justice.  Lex Luthor and Riddler were causing trouble again! Molly found out by using a scale that the mini pumpkins weigh 4 pounds all together and she worked on some math problems by counting fingers: 1 + 1, 2 + 2, 3 + 3, 4 + 4 and 5 + 5—-fantastic—math and science and it was all her idea!  Olivia cooked pizza and designed silly scenes with the window puzzle. We also brought out the large dollhouses —-the children shared the homes and the dolls so nicely. We stopped playing to go to the kitchen, wash hands and put on aprons. We were bakers today making pumpkin-chocolate chip bread.  Connor added the flour and pumpkin, Tommy measured the pumpkin pie spice and cracked an egg, Molly measured the baking soda and cracked the other egg, Olivia was in charge of the salt and water and Erin added the sugar and oil. The children all used the electric mixer and stirred in the chocolate chips by hand.  After filling the baking tins, we went out back to ride bikes, kick balls, play statues, and just enjoy the beautiful day! Back inside, we said our prayer and ate a slice of freshly baked pumpkin bread—everyone enjoyed it! While the children ate, we read Warthogs in the Kitchen—a favorite story on baking days!  Then we went out front to play until the end of the day!  


Friday the children arrived ready for play.  The Yellow Room was quickly humming with the sounds of active children.  Archie set up a nice breakfast for himself eating pancakes with a spoon (pretty sure he was having ice cream too)!  Ronan was caring for the babies so nicely. Connor, Joey, and Quinlan were designing and building with the flexi-blocks. Joey was also walking around with his pet snake draped around his neck— a braver man than I!  Katelynn was cooking up some delicious looking pizza while Olivia was sure to put all of the alphabet popsicles into the freezer—wouldn’t want them to melt! Sophie and Lainey had a great time with the little pet shop animals and discovered ways to make the animals move—push on the tail and the paw waves, or twist the ball and the flippers clap—-amazing discoveries!  Remi and Tommy played games of Halloween tic-tac-toe (ghosts vs cats). Cate and Emily Rose worked on puzzles while Eva Lea, Erin, Molly M, and Molly W were creating at the art table—so many wonderful ideas. We talked about the letter O for October, F for Friday and L for the library, librarian, and Lainey. We also had fun changing the first letter of the children’s names to L (Molly became Lolly)—it was very silly but it’s a great way to develop phonemic awareness.  We separated into our groups before our story time with Miss Elizabeth. In the Pink Room, the children used felt shapes on felt pumpkins to create jack-o-lanterns, investigated mini pumpkins, imagined at the neighborhood house and with the dog collection, designed and drove Duplo vehicles, balanced the stacking lions and worked on their art ideas. In the Green Room, we read our Let’s Find Out magazine—Pumpkin Science. We experimented with mini pumpkins and found out that yes–they do float in a tub of water (and they make quite a splash)–amazing.  We looked inside a pumpkin to see the orange pulp and seeds; and we also saw pumpkins that are white with orange and green markings. When we looked inside, the pulp was yellow–so fascinating! The children really enjoyed learning about pumpkins today! When Miss Elizabeth arrived, we all went to the Circle Room to hear stories about dragons and unicorns. Miss Elizabeth even brought a dragon puppet with her. We learned some fun poems and danced with scarves to ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’. We had such a wonderful time with Miss Elizabeth and are so grateful to her for visiting us at school.  Back in the Yellow Room, we said our prayer and ate a snack while reading Another Monster at the End of This Book ( starring Grover and Elmo).  Connor asked if we could read the original–so we also read The Monster at the End of This Book.  They were two great stories and it was a fun way to end our super day!  Thanks to Tommy for making the ‘19’ for the calendar and Molly M for the sunny-cool weather report!


Songs and Poems:  Pretty autumn leaves, Open-shut them, Who has come to school today, Days of the week, One banana, Wiggle Song, I’m a little pumpkin, 5 little pumpkins, Lainey starts with L


FYI  Wednesday–Purple Day                   Friday–Gym Day