Classroom Corner


Sophie and her Dad–so sweet!

Monday winter was back in full force–cold and snowy!  The children were happy to see one another after our weekend break and quickly got busy doing the work of children:  PLAY! Joey and Quinlan talked about skiing and skating and had fun working at the Duplo Zoo together. Tommy joined them there and the boys worked on recreating Duplo designs featured on the container panels–they were quite proud of their work!  Archie spent time creating art with Justice League character stickers, then joined Ronan as he played with dinosaurs, beads, a snake and the washing machine. Cate worked on a ‘dress-up’ puzzle and matched the shape Oreos, while Eva Lea dressed the magnetic princess.  Emily Rose and Olivia both enjoyed using their fine motor skills to lace the ‘tea party’ shapes. Katelynn and Erin created stories with the horses at the large stable; Molly W and Sophie shared the pet shop animals; and Marley created her stories with characters at the dollhouse.  Remi worked on art with stickers, pom-poms and more. We talked about the letter M for Monday, F for February and V for vest, vacuum, vase, vegetables and Valentine! In the Circle Room, we got our hearts pumping with the song ‘If you want a healthy heart’. We greeted each other with Monday moves—some posed like flamingos, acted out a sport:  basketball and soccer, showed us their break-dance skills, twirled, wiggled, tip-toed and more! Then we said our ‘I Love You’ poem–Valentine’s Day is on the way! Since it was a snowy day, we used a cotton ball as a snowflake and sang the song ‘The Snow is on My ____ ‘(head, nose, ear, neck, arm, hand, belly, knee, foot, chin, cheek, eye, back, …..that snow was everywhere)!  The children had a great time! We also conducted an experiment. We brought in a cup filled with snow and wondered what would happen to the snow in the warm classroom—many said the snow would melt. We have to check back and see at snack time. In the Kitchen, the children had a marvelous time and gave their hand muscles a workout as they kneaded, stretched, rolled, cut, and shaped playdough (and it’s fun too)!  In the Pink Room, the children imagined with pirates, ships, a castle, dinosaurs and colorful ponies. They filled Valentine heart boxes with candies (shaped erasers), built with the City Blocks, created with colorful pegs on peg boards and worked on their art ideas. In the Circle Room, the children built towers and castles with blocks, played in the sand, prepared food, became doctors, and worked on more Monday moves up and down the hallway.  In the Yellow Room, we said our prayer and enjoyed a snack while reading One Heart–a Valentine counting book. We ended the day guessing the animal plates. By the way—the snow in the cup was all water by the end of the morning!  Thanks to Emily Rose for suggesting that we count ‘apples’ for our One Banana song, Erin for making an ‘11’ for the calendar, Marley for the snowy–cold weather report and Quinlan for holding the flag.  


Tuesday–No school–messy weather day


Wednesday we welcomed the children to school and were so excited for our Valentine party.  Many of the children wore special clothes just for the occasion! As the children gathered, they found much to do in the Yellow Room.  Cate, Katelynn, and Erin were working together preparing food and caring for babies. Lainey, Marley, Amber, and Olivia created stories with Toy Story characters.  Ronan and Archie invented their own games too with Woody, Buzz, and Spiderman! Connor and Molly W were imagining with the stuffed animals—puppies and kittens. Joey, Quinlan, and Tommy worked on the dry-erase boards and at the art table too.  Emily Rose, Eva Lea, and Sophie were also creating on the dry-erase boards. The girls all made pictures of their families and Sophie also challenged me to a game of tic-tac-toe: hearts vs. flowers! Remi and Molly M enjoyed conversation as they worked at the art table.  The children played at the horse stable; patterned with magnetic stars, bunnies, and apples; matched ABC popsicles (and pretended to eat them); and worked on puzzles. We talked about the letter W for Wednesday, F for February and V for Valentine! In the Circle Room, we moved to ‘If you want a healthy heart’ (and of course we all do).  We greeted one another as we passed a squeezable heart around the room–we were passing the love! The red heart made Quinlan think of Rudolph’s red nose, so naturally we sang ‘Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer’. Then we said our ‘I Love You’ poem and read a Let’s Find Out magazine about being a good friend. We moved again to a song called “There’s a little wheel turning in my heart”–we turned, clapped, stomped, barked, honked, blinked, slept and more—it was fun!  Then it was time to pass out the Valentine cards and treats. The children did a great job remembering to say ‘thank you’ as they received their valentines. In the Pink Room, the children set up and shared the large dollhouses and created stories at the Western Town and with the shape shop. They prepared delicious meals at the tabletop kitchen, filled heart boxes with candy (Valentine-themed erasers), built with bunny links, worked on puzzles and created art. In the Circle Room, the children imagined with the zoo animals, had fun in the sand, prepared food, cared for babies, built with the blocks, used tools, read stories and worked on their art ideas.  Back in the Yellow Room, we said our prayer and enjoyed a brownie topped with a Sweetart heart while reading: The I Love You Book (Joey recognized the book as similar to one Miss Elizabeth read to us (The Peace Book) –they are both by the same author (Todd Parr)—great observation Joey!)   We also read Five Stinky Socks (twice) by request, and after we packed up we read Too Many Daves (at Katelynn’s request). Thanks to Cate for suggesting that we count ‘birds’ for our One Banana song, Sophie for making a ‘13’ for the calendar, Molly W for the partly-sunny—chilly weather report and Sophie for holding the flag (a double Sophie day)!


Thursday we welcomed our small-class day friends to school on Valentine’s Day!  Olivia went right to work at the art table creating special valentines with heart-shaped doilies, dot markers, glue and love!  Tommy also worked on his art idea which featured Justice League stickers on a heart paper. Connor created a whole world for Zazu, the bird, in the tree including a television, bathroom, food supplies, and Christmas decorations:  wreath, tree and stocking. Erin and Olivia spent some time making bread in loaf pans with the playdough, then joined Tommy in games of Pizza Party. Molly was creating stories with tigers and dogs—Tommy joined Molly moving jungle animals into the horse stable.  Olivia asked for the large dollhouse and then Olivia, Erin, and Molly shared dolls, furniture and space so nicely. Tommy set his characters up in a mansion. He combined a small dollhouse, the Spiderman hideout, and a castle to create one large expansive space for his family!  After a wonderful time spent playing, conversing and creating, we went on a Valentine treasure hunt. The children listened carefully and closely to the clue so that they were able to find the next clue. After collecting all 12 clues, they found their treasure—a Valentine candy treat.  Then we washed hands and went to the kitchen where the children decorated heart-shaped cookies. They counted out enough cookies to decorate one for each member of their family and one extra to eat for snack. After decorating was done, we said our prayer and the children enjoyed their heart cookie while we read If You’ll Be My Valentine.  Then we went outside, to run, shoot baskets, use hoops, have races, dance with our shadows, and just have fun on this chilly Valentine’s Day!


Friday–No School


Songs and Poems:  If you want a healthy heart, Open-shut them, Who has come to school today, I love you poem, The snow is on my head, One Banana, Days of the week, Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer



 Monday–Presidents’ Day—school is closed

 Wednesday—Remi’s birthday party

 Friday—Molly M’s birthday party and story time with Miss Elizabeth