Classroom Corner



Monday we welcomed the children to school on yet another rainy day.  Rain or no rain, they are always ready to play! Quinlan headed straight for the art table excited to color more papers than he did last Friday!  Marley worked on her art ideas as well. Caden, Archie, and Donald shared the pin-art creators making impressions of their hands and heads. Archie and Caden also spent time looking through our collection of Who Would Win books.  Amber worked on puzzles and joined Charlotte at the Sweet Street houses.  The girls made up great stories together. Cate and Erin worked on puzzles then shared the animals and blocks.  Emily-Rose and Eva-Lea shared characters and castles, and had a wonderful time playing together. The girls also worked at the art table and on puzzles too.  Sophie created a beautiful flower piecing hearts together to make the flower petals–she gifted it to the school as a classroom decoration–it is so lovely! Kellan and Joseph worked on puzzles too—the puzzle table was a hot spot today!  We talked about the letter F for February and M for Monday (Marley, Mom and Molly too). In the Circle Room, we moved to ‘If you want a healthy heart’—touching toes, running in place and jumping up and down really gets your heart pumping.  Then we greeted each other with Monday moves–karate kicks, scoots, bridges, tunnels, twists, eye blinks, head shakes, and some stayed perfectly still. Then we read Rain Brings Frogs–a book that reminded us to always look on the bright side.  Since it was rainy, we pulled out our giant umbrella (parachute) and had a great time moving it up and down, fast and slow, in and out, round and round and going under it–rainy days are still fun days!  In the Pink Room, the children shared the large dollhouses, designed Potato Head characters, stacked the lions, built with the dominoes, imagined with the Care Bears, investigated the alphabet magnets, worked on puzzles and created art.  In the Kitchen, the children created ‘splotch’ art by squeezing paint onto a piece of paper, then folding and pressing the paper. The resulting images are fantastic. They look like butterflies, aliens, clowns, bugs, masks—so amazing! In the Circle Room, the children set up the picnic table with delicious foods to share and eat, built homes and beds with the blocks–even creating a mailbox, played in the sand, and created art.  Back in the Yellow Room, we said our prayer and enjoyed a snack while reading If You’ll Be My Valentine.  Thanks to Joseph for suggesting that we count ‘pumpkins’ for our One Banana song, Donald for making a ‘10’ for the calendar, Erin for the ‘goo-goo-ga-ga + a yes’ for the weather report, and Emily-Rose for holding the flag.  Quinlan accomplished his goal–today he colored 18 pictures–well over his number on Friday!


Tuesday–more rain–but the children brought plenty of ideas for inside activities.  Quinlan was determined to top his coloring from yesterday—he spent the entire morning coloring and conversing!  Cate worked on peg puzzles, dressed the magnetic princess, created art and spent time with Katelynn, Donald, Archie and Erin sharing characters at castles, homes, and hideouts.  Archie created his own maracas by filling a bowl with beads and covering it with another bowl–sounded great. Katelynn, Emily-Rose, Eva-Lea, Sophie, Erin and Donald used the playdough to make cakes, cookies, tacos, pizzas, waffles, and more.  The children also had fun hiding toys in the dough and then finding the hidden items. Sophie, Erin, Emily-Rose, and Eva-Lea spent time at the art table creating special valentines. The children investigated bugs, read books, sorted magnets, and served pizzas.  After a very busy morning, we went to the Green Room to say our prayer and enjoy a snack while reading Ten Valentine Friends.  Thanks to Erin for making an ‘11’ for our calendar!  Quinlan created 31 different colored pictures today–now that’s a record breaker!




Wednesday, the sun was shining and love was in the air–it was our Valentine party day!  The Yellow Room quickly filled with the sounds of active children. Here’s a peek: Archie and Caden took on the roles of doctors wearing lab coats and checking heart rates and blood pressure.  Archie and Caden also joined Cate and Joseph creating stories with the Sweet Street houses and dolls. Katelynn, Marley, Amber, and Charlotte were very imaginative as they pretended to be dogs and their families.  Donald was having a wonderful time making silly scenes with the window puzzle–mowing the bathroom? Erin and Kellan worked together on a vehicle puzzle while Quinlan and Sophie were creating at the art table. We talked about the letter F for February, W for Wednesday and V for Valentine, vegetables, vest, vase, and vacuum.  In the Circle Room, we moved to our Wiggle song and greeted one another as we passed around a heart and said (or thought about) who we loved: mom, dad, families, friends, sister, brothers, pets and more. Then we read our Let’s Find Out magazine and talked about the ways we show our love to our friends. We read a story called Love and played a game: ‘find the matching heart’ first to slow music and then to fast music—it was fun!  Finally, it was time to pass out the cards and treats–one of the children offered to give everyone a hug—so sweet!  We heard ‘thank you’ many times as the children received their special treats! In the Pink Room, the children cooked food at the tabletop kitchen, built with the wooden stacking blocks, matched the shaped Oreos, imagined at the large dollhouses and at the Duplo zoo, worked on puzzles and created art.  Back in the Yellow Room, we said our prayer and enjoyed a snack–a Valentine cupcake on a Valentine napkin, while reading One Heart.  Then we went outside to run, hopscotch and roll hoops!  What a love-ly day! Thanks to Charlotte for suggesting that we count ‘Amelia’ for our One Banana song, Kellan for making the ‘12’ for the calendar, Joseph for the partly-sunny—partly goo-goo-ga-ga weather report and Erin for holding the flag!

Thursday we were back to dreary skies, but the children always brighten the day!  Quinlan was determined to color 100 pictures today, but after a few, he was ready to move onto other challenges.  He and Sophie attempted to balance books on their heads, carried books across the room, showed us how to bend like bridges, and participated in the ‘hop on one foot for as long as you can’ challenge (and then do the same on the other foot). They had many ideas!  Donald played many rounds of tic-tac-toe made out of playdough. Amber dressed the velcro dress-up doll, investigated bugs and created stories at the castle with Archie, Erin, Cate, Donald, and Katelynn. Cate and Erin also became mermaids hopping around the room on their mermaid tails.  The children used the playdough to make cakes, cookies, pancakes, blueberries, caves, and sculptures and many worked at the art table too. The morning went by so quickly! We washed hands and went to the Green Room, where the children became cookie decorators! They painted pink icing onto heart-shaped cookies and added just the right amount of sprinkles–yum–the room smelled so good.  Then we said our prayer and enjoyed a snack while reading The I Love You Book.  Thanks to Sophie for making a ‘13’ for the calendar!  Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

Friday–No School


Songs and poems:  I love you poem, If you want a healthy heart, Open-shut them, Who has come to school today, One Banana, Days of the week, Valentine starts with V, Wiggle song


FYI:  Monday–No School–Presidents’ Day holiday

        Friday—Story time with Miss Elizabeth