Classroom Corner

Monday we welcomed the children back after their busy weekends:  parks, festivals, visits with Grandparents and trips to supermarkets.  In the Yellow Room, Colin and Ryan enjoyed a game of Pizza Party with Mrs. Burke.  Then Finley and Oliver played the game with Mrs. Burke as well.  Zachary was busy on the phone and decided that 50 pizzas would be a good amount for our pizza lunch bunch, so that’s how many he ordered!  Emily B and Isabel were caring for babies and Molly joined in caring for a baby and a puppy.  Sean, Colin, Ryan and Cole traveled the room with their cell phones; then spent time building with the little Legos.  Connor had 10 little Lego men that he was carrying very carefully on a mirror he was using as a tray.  Then he discovered that the Lego men would fit into the train cars, so we built tracks and drove trains filled with Lego men.  Kayla and Finley joined in too and Connor shared so nicely.  Jake was building with the flexi-blocks and even made himself a bracelet to wear!  Our artists were back at work as well.  Colleen, Emily H, Joon, Julia, Kayla, Mandy, and Maura colored, cut and created to their hearts’ content.  We talked about the letter “P” for pizza and popsicles then went to the Circle Room.  We moved to our Ring around the Rosie song—oinking like a pig, waddling like a penguin and popping like popcorn.  The children showed us their Monday moves—twirls, knee hops, spins, waves, head nods, stretches—so many ways to move.  We had fun greeting one another with the song ‘Be My Friend’ and used our imaginations to become birds, fish, bugs and bunnies in the song ‘Sammy’.  Then we read Don’t Press the Button by request because it’s just that fun!  In the Pink Room, the children worked at the airport, investigated real sea shells, matched shapes in the vending machine, built with Popoid blocks and magnetic blocks and created art.  In the Circle Room, the children baked cupcakes and other treats in the sand table, worked with tools, built houses with blocks, set up the trains, read stories, drove trucks and enjoyed much conversation.  Some of the children chose to go to the Green Room to make one final journal entry—from monsters to rainbows!    Back in the Yellow Room, we said our prayer and enjoyed a snack while reading a rhythmic book:  Down on the Farm.  Then we played a game of Color-Shape Bingo.  The sky was gloomy and it was spritzing a little, but we went outside anyway to run, throw balls, chase hoops, investigate a dead bee, chalk, shoot baskets and just have fun.  Back inside, we played in the Pink Room again as everyone washed hands and then it was time to have pizza lunch in the Yellow Room.  The children really enjoyed the pizza—it was delicious!  While the children ate their lunch, we read Inch by Inch (a story about a very clever inchworm).  After the children finished their popsicles, we played a game of ABC bingo.  We ended the day, reading and singing Pete the Cat: The Wheels on the Bus!  Thanks to Emily B for suggesting that we count ‘pigs’ for our One Banana song, Colleen for making a ‘5’ for our calendar, Finley for the cloudy-warm weather report and Kayla for holding the flag!

Tuesday Joon, Isabel, Emily, Colleen and Maura arrived with fun things to show. The girls spent time in the coat room sharing their toys and stuffed animal friends. Then we went to the Circle Room to build houses for their pets complete with a kitchen. Isabel was a great chef and cooked up many delicacies in the kitchen, while Joon, Emily and Colleen acted out stories involving babies, kittens, weddings, lost rings, fire safety and more. Maura was having fun setting up the ice cream shop that Isabel brought to school—the girls share so kindly. After a long time in the Circle Room, we went to the Yellow Room where Joon, Maura and Colleen created colorful glue by mixing white glue with dot marker ink. They used this colored glue to make some lovely works of art. Emily was building a car out of Legos. Isabel was sorting through the Legos and Joon joined in as well. The girls spent a lot of time building, sorting and conversing—it was great! Then it was time to clean-up, wash hands, say our prayers and enjoy an ice cream sundae as we read their favorite story: So Many Bunnies!

Wednesday the excitement was high and the emotions were strong. The children were happy for summer vacation but many were sad to be saying goodbye to friends. Our year has been so wonderful! In the Yellow Room, Colleen, Emily H, Isabel, Joon, Julia, Mandy, and Maura were busy as ever working on their creations at the art table, while singing and conversing. Oliver worked on framing a monster truck picture by gluing sections of straw all around the perimeter—that took great patience. Cole and Sean enjoyed catching fish while Ryan and Colin connected shapes to the flip board. Connor found the Lego men, took them to the (toy) kitchen sink and gave them all a bath. Then he lined them all around the sink edge for bed! Finley spent time with Mrs. Gallagher trying to ‘hop’ the frogs into the bucket—fun fine-motor work! Emily B, Kayla and Molly shared the princesses and the castle so nicely. Jake imagined with the dinosaurs—one even gobbled up the evil step-mother from Cinderella. Zachary worked with Mrs. Foell on a very large water slide using the bristle blocks—it was quite a feat of engineering! We talked about our last day and walked over to the parish hall to practice for our ceremony! Back at school, we separated into our groups— playing in the Yellow Room and the Pink Room. In the Pink Room, the children created art; investigated the shells; worked at the airport; built with the Tupper-links, even connecting them to the cabinet doors as locks; sorted the colorful vehicles and worked on size order with the nesting animals and nesting stars. Back in the Yellow Room together, we said our prayer and enjoyed a snack while reading two favorite stories: The Book with No Pictures and The Monster at the End of This Book. Then it was off to the parish hall for our closing celebration!

We are so thankful to have spent this year with the children. We are so proud of our students: Cole, Colin, Colleen, Connor, Emily B, Emily H, Finley, Isabel, Jake, Joon, Julia, Kayla, Mandy, Maura, Molly, Oliver, Reed, Ryan, Sean and Zachary!

We also congratulate our Nursery School graduates! Cole, Colleen, Emily H, Joon, Julia, Kayla, Maura, Sean—and wish them all the best in Kindergarten!

Have a happy, safe and relaxing summer!

Songs and Poems: P-I-Z-Z-A, Ring around the Rosie, Open-shut them, Who has come to school today, Be My Friend, Sammy, Days of the Week, B-I-N-G-O, Wheels on the bus, Wiggle song